Minutes of the Parish Plan Committee – 19th March 2014

Minutes of the Parish Plan Committee meeting held on Wednesday 19th March 2014 at 7.30pm in the Parish Office.


Present: Barbara Flack (Chairman); William Leetham; Chris Sproul; Steve Reith; Hazel Bielby; Michael Walter; Ben Fitter; Elizabeth Appleyard; Andy Burgis; Denise Horswell (BPC Clerk).


Apologies; David Gammon


1. Welcome;

Barbara, as Chairman, welcomed the members to the meeting and thanked them for giving up their time to stand on the committee. She explained the need for the committee as the previous five year plan will be expiring at the end of 2014 and a new Plan for 2015 – 2020 is required.

She further explained that a Parish Plan gave foundation for the Parish Council to act on behalf of the Parish and either challenge or support any changes of developments within the community.


2. Terms of reference and members’ areas of interest:

The members gave their roles in the village and their areas of interest for contribution to the Parish Plan. As follows:

Barbara Flack – Chairman of Parish Plan committee, vice-Chairman of Blean Parish Council – area of interest – Affordable Housing and Play and Recreation
William Leetham – Chairman of Blean Parish Council – involved in the two previous Parish Plans – area of interest – Affordable Housing and roads and traffic
Chris Sproul – has helped in a lot of fundraising work for Raise the Roofers for the new village hall – area of interest – Affordable Housing and Community Spirit
Steve Reith – Member of BVHMC – keen to hear and implement the wishes of the community
Elizabeth Appleyard  – Chairman of Friends of Blean Church – keen to hear and implement the wishes of the community
Andy Burgis – Member of BVHMC – keen to make sure the community get what they want
Ben Fitter – Ward Cllr. for Blean, Parish Cllr. of Tyler Hill – formulated the on-line questionnaire for Hackington’s Parish Plan
Michael Walter – Previous Blean Nature Reserve Warden – Wildlife and Conservation
Hazel Bielby – interested in revamping the Nature Reserve and Community Spirit
Denise Horswell – clerk to Blean Parish Council – to take minutes


Barbara explained that the ‘Terms of Reference’ was an official document for the committee which will be a sub-committee of the Parish Council. The minutes of the meetings are to be sent to all members of the committee and to the Parish Council for approval.  At the end of the task the committee will be disbanded. It was important that it was a Blean residents led Plan.  The ‘Terms of Reference’ was circulated to all members of the committee for adoption – ALL AGREED.


3. Topics:

The residents will be approached and consulted by:

coffee mornings
BPC website
BVHMC website
On-line questionnaire
Paper questionnaire in the Londis shop, doctors’ surgery and village hall
Word of mouth


Affordable Housing:

This has been identified as a need in the two previous parish plans spanning over ten years. A discussion was had on the criteria regarding affordable housing.

Action: identify need – previous survey identified 8 to 9 – probably more now. Barbara and William to write a short paragraph explaining what affordable housing is and how it works.

Nature Reserve and Environment:

Residents not aware it’s there

Schools and teaching;

Blean Initiative

Environmental Issues

Action: Hazel and Michael to formulate questions.  They will produce a short-term plan to take place over the year – put on agenda for next BPC meeting on 14th April;

Recreation Ground:

Barbara has a great desire to revamp the play equipment

Action: seek funding – formulate questions on type of play equipment


Show items that have been achieved from the previous parish plans.

Items to carry forward:

Pathway from the village to the church – this was seen as difficult to achieve

Affordable Housing


Other topics to consider;

Village Hall


Law and Order



Highways – speeding etc. Action: Ben will write a paragraph explaining the various layers of responsibility etc with regard to road traffic issues.


ACTION: All members to consider how the questions for the questionnaire are to be formulated and also an opening statement and explanation of what the Parish Plan is and what strength it gives to our community.  The other area for all members to consider is a paragraph and questions as to ‘how residents perceive Blean’ as either a rural community or a suburb of Canterbury.


 It was decided that another Open Day was needed before the questionnaire is finalised.


Ben invited members to look at Hackington’s questionnaire for interest http://r8u.net


Next meeting – Wednesday 23rd April at 7.30pm in the Parish office.


Meeting closed at 9pm.