Minutes – 8th October 2012

                                                                                                                        Sheet 1613
Minutes of Blean Parish Council Meeting held at the Village Hall, School Lane, Blean on Monday 8th October 2012.
Those Present:    Cllrs: W. Leetham (Chairman); H. Samuelson (Vice-Chairman); G King; C. Sturgeon; C. Harris; C. Dunster; B. Flack; P. Hutt.
Also present: Ward Cllr. J. Gilbey; Ward Cllr B. Fitter, County Cllr. J Simmonds and ten members of the public.
The Chairman welcomed the Councillors and members of the public to the meeting and explained the fire drill and location of the toilets.
Prior to the Parish Council meeting there was a presentation given by Helen Bennington, from Canterbury City Council, on the proposed new recycling scheme due to start in April 2013.
The Chairman welcomed Helen to the meeting who gave details of the proposed scheme, although the exact details are not finalised yet, as the voting for the contractor has yet to take place.
She assured the meeting that it will not be a case of each household having lots of extra bins, there will be different options which householders can opt for.
Glass will be collected along with cans and plastic and there will be a weekly food collection with a ‘food caddy’ for food waste. All plastics will be collected including carrier bags and clingfilm and also tetra packs (juice and milk cartons) which previously could not be recycled. A box will be provided for paper and cardboard although the final details have yet to be decided.
A resident asked if there would still be an assisted collection if needed and Helen said there would. There would also be an option to change landfill bins to smaller ones if required by residents. The new scheme is due to start in April 2013 with lots of advertising of the scheme nearer the time.
Existing recycling areas will be monitored and removed if it is felt that there is no need for them.
Helen offered to come to a future meeting to give further information when known.
The Chairman thanked Helen for the talk.
Four residents remained for the Parish Council meeting and one arrived later.
The Chairman congratulated and welcomed Ben Fitter as the new Ward Councillor for Blean Forest who takes the place of Hazel McCabe.
1. Apologies for absence:  None
2. Note Changes to the Register of Members’ Interests
No changes reported.
                                                                                                                        Sheet 1614
3. Declarations of Interest in Matters to be discussed.
Cllrs. Sturgeon and King reaffirmed their interest as Hall Management Committee members.
4. Matters raised by the public
4.1 Mrs Letts asked why there had been a chain and padlock put on the gate leading from Tyler Hill Road into the recreation ground.
The Chairman said that the Parish Council had no idea who had done it and it was not with the Parish Council’s authority.
Ken Waddington had cut the chain off by request of the Parish Council.
4.2 Mrs Letts also reported that footpath CB17 School Lane to Chapel Lane is full of rubbish. Clerk to report it to PROW.
4.3 Also footpath CB25 North of the school – the hedge is overgrown and making the path impassable.
Cllrs. Samuelson and Leetham will investigate.
Cllr. Flack left the meeting at 7.55pm.
5. Reports from Ward and County Councillors
5.1 Ward Cllr. John Gilbey gave his report in which he spoke of:
  • Waste Contract – to be agreed this Thursday. In answer to a question he said the trucks will not go around any more than now. The depot at Kingsmead will go back to CCC
  • Local Plan
  • Weight limit on the A290 – not policed at the moment but will be.
  • Marlowe Theatre – 328,000 people had visited in the first year
5.2 County Cllr. John Simmonds gave his report in which he spoke of the new recycling scheme.
He also said that there will be no increase in Council Tax for the third year running.
He commented on the lovely Memorial Service that had been held on 2nd October in the Cathedral for Hazel McCabe.
5.3 Ward Cllr. Ben Fitter said that he was thrilled to be one of the Ward Councillors.
6. Approval of the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 10th September 2012
The minutes of 10th September 2012 were approved and accepted as a true record of the meeting.
Proposed by Cllr. Harris, Seconded by Cllr. Hutt, all present agreed.
Minutes signed by the Chairman.
Matters Arising from the Minutes
Cllr. Dunster referred to item 5.1 regarding the opening of The Beaney and said that it was beautiful and congratulations should be given to all involved.
                                                                                                                        Sheet 1615
Reference 10.5 – Cllr. Sturgeon reported that the disabled ramp had arrived and had been tested at the September coffee morning. Yellow and black tape had now been put on the edges to stop anyone tripping over it. It has been checked by the City Council previous to it being used for the Police Commissioner election.
Cllr. Sturgeon also said that the new grab rails have not been put up yet as they need special glue to comply with DDA regulations.
Cllr. Sturgeon stated that all Health and Safety responsibilities by the Parish Council had now been addressed.
7. N.H.W. Report
Cllr. King gave his report in which he said that since his last report there had been a number of incidents in the village.
Theft of various metal items and tools had occurred at a property in Denstroude Lane, an outhouse at a property on Honey Hill was broken into and items stolen and a vehicle stolen from Trueman Close. Cllr. King has also observed a number of traffic violations on the A290 mainly of a speeding nature. He had received 36 messages from Kent Police which have included a number of rural thefts in nearby locations, predominantly in the Dargate area off Denstroude Lane.
He reported that he had had no contact with the PCSO since the last meeting due to the large area the PCSO now has to cover.
County Cllr. John Simmonds said that he is to meet with the Police in connection with speeding concerns in the area.
Cllr. Leetham commented on the fact that Mrs Bentley had had an accident on the A290 at the junction with Tyler Hill Road.
He said that Chief Inspector Barlow will be giving a talk on Wednesday evening at the K.A.l.C. meeting at Tyler Hill Hall at 7.30pm.
Cllr. Simmonds said that the damaged flashing light near the Royal Oak will be replaced and a new one will be placed at the Canterbury end of the village.
8. Village Hall Report
Cllr. Sturgeon gave the BVHMC report (attached to these minutes).
Following the report Cllr. Samuelson congratulated BVHMC on being the winner of the Romanian flag.
9. Matters Arising
9.1 Public Paths and Rights of Way
Cllr. Samuelson reported that the Head Teacher of the school is already investigating whether the hedge at CB25 is under the school’s liability.
Cllr. King reported that Mrs Kelk had thanked the Parish Council for him and PROW clearing CB8.
9.2 Recreation Ground including play equipment
Cllr. Leetham reported that Cllr Flack had put in the bid for £10,000 to ‘Awards for All’ for the proposed purchase of new play equipment.
9.3 Road Safety Measures
Cllr. Leetham reported that the Parish Council had received an email from Mr Bentley reference road safety measures and informing of his wife’s accident.
In answer to previous concerns Stagecoach drivers have been told to make up time at Rough Common.
                                                                                                                        Sheet 1616
Regarding moving of the bus stop at the junction of Tyler Hill Road to Westfield , following a meeting with KHS, the site at Westfield had been looked at but it was
concluded that it would be too dangerous as it was on a blind bend and had been looked at as a possibility before.
Cllr. King said that being that he has to come out from his house behind buses he has noticed an improvement.
Cllr. Simmonds said that 30mph roundels are to be painted on the A290 but that he was sceptical about putting a roundabout at the Tyler Hill Road junction.
Although he agreed that a pavement on the other side of the A290 would be ideal there is no money left out of this years’ budget.
He said that Tyler Hill Road is to be resurfaced shortly.
It was agreed the Chairman would send Mr Bentley a reply to his email with the results of the discussion.
9.4 Results of the Questionnaire ‘Blean The Future’
Cllr. Leetham said that there had been 117 replies with 14 late replies, however, the percentage figures remained the same with the late replies.
  • 60% in favour of some small scale development
  • 69% against affordable housing being part of larger scale development
  • 99% in favour of maintaining the village envelope
  • 57% in favour of some form of development being acceptable
  • 54% against development next to the Royal Oak
  • 71% against development on Tyler Hill Road opposite Mill House
  • 56% against back land development being preferable to green belt development
  • 68% in favour of more accommodation for students on campus
  • 73% against more commercial development e.g. Pean Hill
The conclusion to be drawn from the survey is that the village envelope must be retained. However some form of small scale development would be acceptable although no sites have been identified. Any large scale housing development can be ruled out. The expansion of any commercial development is also out of the question. Further student accommodation on campus, part of which is within the Parish, is acceptable.
A few additional comments were made about retaining the green belt, speed and volume of traffic, drainage issues and a request for a residential care home. A couple of respondents suggested the development of brown field sites but they did not specify any.
This information will be passed on to Canterbury City Council for consideration in preparing the new local plan.
Cllr.Leetham said that he and Cllr. Flack had had a meeting with Carol Wrate, CCC Housing Officer, about possible sites but they were back to no sites available.
Cllr. Gilbey said that the problem is that to the East and West of the village is woodland and also the area has a problem with poor drainage.
                                                                                                                        Sheet 1617
It was agreed that the Parish Council must be transparent with the village and only people with a strong association with Blean would be considered in any scheme.
Action: The Parish Council to seek assistance from Canterbury City Council reference limited housing scheme
Proposed by Cllr. Leetham, seconded by Cllr. Harris, all present agreed.
9.5 Receive letter from BVHMC detailing Health and safety issues for Hirers of the Hall. It was noted that a letter had been received from BVHMC detailing issues to be addressed by all hirers of the Hall.
10. Councillors’ Reports
10.1 Cllr. King reported on the matter of the chain and padlock, mentioned previously, which had been put on the recreation ground gate and said that several people had reported it to him at the coffee morning so he had emailed the Cllrs to inform them and then, on instruction from the Chairman, asked Ken Waddington to remove it.
He also reported that the hedge at the junction of Denstroude Lane and Honey Hill is overgrown and obstructs visibility when driving out of Denstroude Lane.
Action: Cllr. Sturgeon will ring Mrs Burroughs.
Cllr. King also reported that the ditch associated with 39 Blean Common development is blocked. This is an open ditch which should be kept clear at all times.
Action: Cllr. Simmonds is to have a look and Cllr. Gilbey will pass the message on to the Planning Department.
10.2 Cllr. Leetham reported that the rubbish had been cleared at the Winding Pond and that on 21st October there is to be a village ‘clear up’.
He also advised that the Annual meeting of the Parish Council in April 2013 had been changed from 9th to 16th April.
Cllr. Leetham said that he had consulted the Action Plan of the Parish Plan and it was on track, with the Housing Needs Survey and the Recreation Ground improvements being addressed, with Ken Waddington doing a good job around the village.
There is still one vacancy on the Parish Council.
11. Correspondence
Letter of thanks from PC to Anne Clifford and team for decorating the Hall
Rural News
CPRE – Fieldwork – Autumn 2012
By-election results
SE Water – letter of thanks on completion of water main replacement in Whitstable
Road, Canterbury
Notice of KCC – Parish Seminar – 10th Oct – Kent International Hotel, Ashford
Letter from BVHMC to all hirers of the Hall reference Health & Safety issues
KSCP – Stour View
KCC 2013/14 budget proposals seminar – 9th October 2012, Maidstone
KALC Learning & Development : Autumn 2012 Update
Minutes of the 42nd Blean Initiative meeting 18.9.12
Oast To Coast – Autumn 2012
                                                                                                                        Sheet 1618
12. Planning Applications – The following applications had been received and circulated to all Cllrs. for comment.
Notice of Appeal being lodged with the Secretary of State in respect of:
CA/11/01659/FUL – Erection of single-storey dwelling with associated parking – land rear of 40 School Lane CT2 9JA
1. CA/12/01539/FUL – Erection of two-storey modular office and seminar block – Land at Research and Development Centre, UKC – awaiting PC comment
2. CA/12/01580/FUL – Erection of single-storey modular office block adjacent to the University Medical Centre and Pharmacy – Estates Buildings Office, UKC – awaiting PC comment
3. CA/12/01626/FUL – Enclosure of an open courtyard – The Markaz, 1 Giles Lane – awaiting PC comment
4. Further correspondence has been received ref CA/12/01368/FUL – 9 Tyler Hill Road – after considering the further correspondence received regarding the parking situation the Parish Council unanimously agreed to send a further response to CCC stating that there was no objection.
Decision Notices
1. CA/12/01482/FUL – Installation of 3 No. microwave transmission dishes and the erection of a glass reinforced plastic (GRP) enclosure to house ancillary telecommunications equipment – Rough Common Radio Station, Moat Lane, Rough Common – GRANTED
Proposed Works to Trees in a Conservation Area
None received
13. Approval for invoice payments and signing of cheques
Banking details for September 2012
Cheque signed between meetings
Chq. 002311 – Audit Commission – External Audit                                  £162.00
Chq. 002312 – Re-imbursement to Mrs D Horswell – 3 x Grab Rails
for Hall                                                                                                           £ 24.00
Chq. 002313 – The Ramp People – Ramp for Hall                                   £216.00
Cheques for Approval and Signature
Chq. 002314 – Mr K Waddington – Handyman’s Wages Sept 2012        £119.53
Chq. 002315 – Mrs D Horswell – Clerks Salary Sept 2012                       £661.20
Chq. 002316 – HMRC – PAYE & NIC Sept 2012                                                £ 39.15          
Chq. 002317 – Mrs D Horswell – Petty Cash Sept 2012                            £ 14.45          
DD – Serco – Waste Collection August 2012                                              £32.88
Total               £1,269.21
Sheet 1619
Bank Statement as at 8th Oct 2012
Current Account – £2000
Business Reserve Account – £37,189.14
(Interest bearing account used to feed Current Account, when needed, to maintain a balance of £2000. Includes anticipated expenditure up to 31st March 2013
Reserves funds of £11,000 earmarked for the BVHMC)
14. Any other business
14.1 Cllr. Samuelson asked whether we are on target with the expenditure of the Concurrent Funding for the year which Cllr. Leetham confirmed we are.
The next meeting is on 12th November 2012 at 7.30pm.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.55pm.
Date     _______________                 Signature     ______________________________ 
BVHMC report for the Blean Parish Council meeting 8th October 2012.
At Rural Kent’s AGM on 13th September, was awarded the Romanian Judges prize for 2012 Rural Community of the Year. The Romanian visitors came to visit us and 11 other village/entrants in May. 
They enjoyed their whistle stop tour and met Pre-School Supervisor, discussed and looked around the Hall, walked the nature reserve, visited the Church and Stephen, explained its history, we looked at the Primary School, visited Binny and the village shop and other local businesses. They were welcomed to the community tea party which was hosted by Raise the Roof volunteers, plus environmental representatives like Mike Swain and Jason from RSPB. Godfrey displayed samples of history/ archive, Stewart Ross showed them his books, meeting all together with a cross section of Blean residents, who came to talk, socialise, take tea and eat cakes.
However, the place that made a huge impression on them was our long visit to the John Grahame Centre, a farm based and vocational day centre resource for adults with learning disabilities, who they met with the staff, the animals, toured the group based workshops and outside spaces and it was this place that stayed in their minds and memories, after they returned to Romania. 
Blean was awarded a framed certificate (in foyer), £100 voucher and the gift of a Romanian Flag.
Blean was also awarded highly commended certificates in the following categories:
  • Business
  • Sustainability
  • Communication and
  • commended in Community.
  • All on display in the outside cabinet
Charing was the overall winner for 2012 village of the year
Rolvenden, Marden, West Malling, Charing winners/runners up in above specific categories – that’s the competition we faced – 11 rural communities/villages entered in total. Hazel McCabe would have been so proud of Blean receiving this award, she always attended the Rural Kent AGM in the past, and we remembered her there this year; especially when Blean won, she was a rural champion.
The transfer of the freehold of the hall from the Parish Council to BVHMC is on-going. Fund raising and grant applications continue. The 29th September Coffee morning and photo exhibition raised £345.00. Christmas star quilt tickets are on sale at £1.00 ea. Zumbathon fundraiser on Sunday 23rd September raised £135.00 donated to Phase 1 project.  
Hall Events – Reminder dates:
Saturday 20th October – Children’s tea-time film show @ 5pm – Pirates and Scientists. Admission: £2.00 per child – parents free.
Saturday 27th October a special spooky Halloween coffee morning + Godfrey’s war and remembrance photos in the hall, from 8am.
BVHMC AGM next Monday 22nd October at 7.30pm, posters on notice boards. 
Carol Sturgeon 8th October 2012.