Minutes – 14th November 2016

Blean Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at the Village Hall, School Lane, Blean on Monday 14th November

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Those Present: Cllrs: B. Flack (Chairman); W. Leetham (Vice-Chairman);
C. Dunster; C. Sturgeon; Cllr. G King; Cllr. H. Samuelson and Clerk D. Horswell.

Also present: Ward Cllr. Amy Baker; Ward Cllr. Ben Fitter-Harding and five members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence: ––– Cllr. F Christophers – Family Commitments; Ward Cllr. George Metcalfe – Lord Mayoral Duties.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Changes to DPI’s & Declarations of Interest in matters to be discussed:
Cllr. Leetham – Crab & Winkle Line and Gladmans Development.
Cllrs. Sturgeon, Flack and King – village hall trustees.
Cllr.Flack – Blean Pre-school.
Cllr. Samuelson – Blean School Chair of Governors.

3. Co-option of new Councillor
Jane Rouse had applied to the Parish Council to become a Parish Councillor. Her details and CV had been circulated to all Members for consideration.
Proposed by Cllr. Flack, seconded by Cllr. King, all Members present AGREED.
Mrs Rouse signed the Acceptance of Office form which was counter-signed by the clerk and was given her DPI form for completion.

4. To Approve: Minutes of the last meeting held on 12th September 2016:
The minutes of the 12th September 2016 meeting were approved and accepted as a true record of the meeting.
Proposed by Cllr. Leetham, seconded by Cllr. Dunster and all Members present AGREED

5. Approval for Invoice Payments and signing of cheques: (Banking list circulated to Cllrs. prior to meeting):

Banking details for September 2016
Approval for invoice payments and signing of cheques:

Cheque No, Payee Description Gross Cost
Chq. 002729 Meadow Grange Nurseries Bedding Plants & Compost £32.99
Vat £5.50
Chq. 002730 Mr K Waddington Handyman Wages Sept 2016 £160.00
Chq. 002731 HMRC PAYE & NIC Sept 2016 £221.50

Chq. 002732 Mrs D Horswell Clerks Salary Sept 2016 £711.38
Chq. 002733 Mrs D Horswell Postage June – Sept 2016 £17.94

Total paid out: £1,143.81

Paid in:

Total paid in: £0.00
Sheet 1872

Bank Statement as at 23rd September 2016
Current Account – £2,000
Business Reserve Account – £20,825.72
(Not including transactions to be approved and signed at this meeting).

6. Planning Applications:
From last meeting:
CA/16/01989/FUL – Proposed front extension – 26 School Lane, Blean CT2 9JA – No objection by BPC
CA/16/01571/FUL – Proposed side and rear single-storey extension – 16 Trueman Close CT2 9HB – WITHDRAWN

Planning Applications received since last meeting:

1. CA/16/02170/LB – Application for listed building consent for external repairs – Hothe Court, Park Wood Road, Blean CT2 7SR – No objection by BPC. Pleased to see that UKC are being responsible and maintaining this listed building.

2. CA/16/02147/FUL – Proposed extension to create a new entrance, social areas and additional offices – School of Anthropology & Conservation, UKC – No objection by BPC

Sheet 1873

3. CA/16/02227/LUE – Application for lawful development certificate for existing improvements for use as dwelling house – Brook Farm, Denstroude Lane, CT2 9JX –
Sadly, the Council accepts that this is a lawful application and all appropriate documentation has been submitted.
However, Blean Parish Council has no objection to this application but would like our increasing concerns recorded in that this continued development within the area of Brook Farm is now becoming a small residential site and moving away from its historical agricultural background.
Blean Parish Council is uneasy as to how this will affect the area in the long term.

Decision Notices:
1. CA/16/01803/FUL – Proposed dormer windows to front and rear elevations – 23 Chapel Lane, Blean CT2 9HA – GRANTED

2. CA//16/00845/FUL – Conversion and extension of granary to form single-storey dwelling – Honey Hill Farm, 11 Honey Hill, Blean – WITHDRAWN

Tree Notices: None

Ref 6.3 it was noted that Blean Parish Council had raised concerns in their comments to Canterbury City Council about the continued development on this site.

Ref the Granary at Honey Hill Farm, Blean Parish Council had supported the application and wondered why the application had been withdrawn and are concerned that the building doesn’t fall into a dilapidated state.

7. Reports from County Councillor and Ward Cllrs:
7.1 Ward Cllr. Amy Baker has spoken to Southern Water who are happy to send a representative to meet with us in the form of a Flood Forum. This would involve representatives being present from KCC, KHS, SW,BPC, CCC and not more than ten members of the community.
Cllr. Flack said that it would be good to have an initial contact with them. The overall problem is with Southern Water as the pumping stations can’t cope.
7.2 Ward Cllr. Fitter-Harding said that sections of the Crab and Winkle are going to be worked on which will cost £150,000.
He also reported that the Litter Action Guide will be presented tomorrow which will deal with any litter problems and will have every contact that we will need. He will keep us posted.

Sheet 1874


Much time has continued to be spent monitoring the progress of the Gladman Developments planning application at Blean Common. The first application has been appealed, and the second goes to committee on Tuesday with a recommendation for refusal. I will be joining those addressing the planning committee pointing out the reasons why they should agree with the officer recommendation. Assuming the application is refused I will be working with my Blean Ward colleagues to assist Blean Parish and Canterbury City councils in responding to the appeal.

The Regeneration & Property committee has awarded £42,000 of the Huyck S106 money to works on the Crab & Winkle, with a further £108,140 likely to follow unless a more pressing project should come forward. This is to be spent on constructing two sections of the Crab & Winkle line extension.

We have appended to the district’s Quality Bus Partnership Agreement with Stagecoach and Kent County Council a list of the district’s priorities for the coming year. This includes the reconvening of a bus user group, contactless payments and WiFi on all busses. We will urge Stagecoach to consider them and Amy will continue to work with them for improvements.

We now enter the phase of ‘Star Chamber’ sessions, where each department at the city council comes forward with their growth bids and savings for the year. These are scrutinised by Cllrs Cook, R Thomas and myself and fed into the budget computations. While central government continues to squeeze its local counterparts, and here in Kent the county level issues of health and education tend to overshadow things at the district level like housing and waste collection, Canterbury City Council remains in a strong position thanks to careful planning, gradual and sustainable increases in the council tax, implementation of ‘user pays’ in the broadest possible sense and commercial activities in the form of investments (acquisitions, like Whitefriars) and property disposals. We will build and sell our own houses for the first time on Kingsmead Field, cutting out developers and keeping profits for the people of the district.

I continue to work hard in my post as Rural Litter Liaison, providing picking equipment and free Serco collection sacks on request. I am overseeing a wider litter initiative across the district and will be unveiling a Litter Action Guide for Canterbury Residents Groups on Tuesday. I will follow this with a version for rural Parish Councils and for the towns of Whitstable and Herne Bay. I am also involved in a number of additional expenditures on new vehicles and staff to tackle litter and graffiti.

Sheet 1875

Finally, work continues to transform how the city council operates. A new digital head has been appointed, pulling together all of the council’s digital efforts. I continue to oversee the district’s trial of Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology in its car parks, and will shortly start work on preparations for if the green light is given for a full rollout. Included in this will be Station Road West multi-story, to ensure all systems work together seamlessly. All this forms part of a wider smart city initiative, which will include interactive signage and increased monitoring to allow efficient and effective utilisation of our infrastructure and resources

8. Reports and Updates: (Reports circulated to Cllrs prior to meeting)
8.1 Chairman’s Report: Attached to these minutes:
Tile Kiln Hill – Cllr. Samuelson reported that he had attended Tile Kiln Hill for one and a half hours one morning and had found no parking issues. There were four cars parked at the top of the hill but all were parked legally and were not school staff. As Chairman of Governors he will be writing letters to parents reminding them of responsible parking. The new A-boards are a tremendous help.
Cllr. Sturgeon said that she taxis two children to the University car park and there are no problems. Traffic backs up before school time.
Cllr. Christophers has come up with a solution of a 20min parking restriction down the hill. The Chairman has asked her to prepare a case to put before the Parish Council. It was thought that the new restriction in the layby needed more time to allow it to bed down. Cllr. Leetham suggested that the matter shouldn’t be discussed again until next spring. The Chairman thanked Cllr. Samuelson for all his time spent on the matter.
8.2 Village Hall Report: Attached to these minutes:
Cllr. Sturgeon said that the installation of CCTV is being researched and it will be monitored by two monitors. Cllr. Leetham asked who will monitor it?
8.3 N.H.W. Report/Speedwatch Report: Attached to these minutes:
It was agreed that we are very lucky in that there is very little criminal activity in the village.
8.4 Footpath report: Attached to these minutes:
County Cllr. John Simmonds has taken up issues as promised including CB8 which has been cleared. It is very difficult when PROW have a limited budget. It is hoped that Canterbury Ramblers may be able to help clear footpaths. We will write to PROWO to see how Kent College are getting on with replacing the gates on their land.

9. Matters raised by the public
9.1 Mr Gammon asked who cleared the bore-holes at 39 Blean Common. They have formed a Management Committee who deal with this. The matter of the bore-hole

Sheet 1876

in a garden at Bourne Lodge Close was raised again and Mr Fox said that he will look at the paperwork on who is responsible.
9.2 Mrs Letts said that CB18A is blocked by overgrown brambles. Mrs Letts congratulated the Parish Council on the Gladmans report.

10. Matters to be discussed:
10.1 Gladman’s Appeal – Update on public meeting:
A public meeting had been held on 30th September to inform residents what was happening and the options open to the community. The appeal is on the first application and the basis is that CCC cannot supply a 5yr housing supply. The Planning Inspector will look at the whole area of the application.
The second application is due to be heard tomorrow by the CCC planning committee.
Cllr. Flack and the clerk have met informally with a planning consultant. Blean Parish Council do not have the reserves to pay for a planning consultant so it has been muted that a fighting fund may be started. A discussion was had on the best way to proceed.
A proposal was made ‘that the BPC set up a fighting fund on behalf of the Blean community to support and provide the funding of the local Planning Consultant to undertake a revision of the case, and, if necessary, represent the interests of the community and BPC at the Gladman planning appeal process if/when needed’.
Any residue money will be decided by the community on how it is spent.
Proposed by Cllr. Sturgeon, seconded by Cllr. Rouse
Cllr. Leetham abstained – Declared an Interest
One abstention
Five voted for.
Proposal AGREED.
Cllr. Samuelson asked that no money from the Parish Council be contributed at this time.
10.2 To discuss quotes – Safety surface under swings:
We now have £1,000 from RAMP, £1,600 from S106 agreement and £1,876 from Concurrent funding for the wetpour repair so there is a shortfall of about £5,000. We will get a quote from Homefront for wetpour surface aand look at acquiring additional funding. Cllr. Rouse said that she would be interested in looking into grants.

10.3 To discuss Play Equipment – including children’s request:
There had been problems on the recreation ground with the seat of the seesaw being buckled and the cabin slide also suffering damage. This had been reported to the

Sheet 1877

PCSO who has produced a crime reference so that we can claim on the Parish Council insurance.
The Parish Council has received letters from local children saying that the play equipment was boring although the Parish Council has spent in excess of £17,000 over the last five years on new equipment including a youth shelter and that they would like a youth club. It is hoped that some of the S106 money can be spent on a basketball hoop and ball. The Parish Council decided that if there is going to be vandalism no more money will be spent on new equipment.
Cllr. King said that in his time on the Parish Council there had been seven youth clubs and it is not the responsibility of the Parish Council.
Cllr. Rouse said that children had spoken to her about not using the kicking wall to play football as the balls go into the brambles behind. It was suggested that wings be put on the kicking wall.
It was decided that BPC and BVHMC Chairmen need to get together to discuss the similar problems.

10.4 To consider producing a Newsletter with Hackington Parish:
This was discussed but agreed that it would take up an enormous amount of time whereas Cllr. Flack suggested that communication by social media would be a better option and to consider setting up a Twitter feed.
It was thought that a Ward newsletter may be a good idea.

11. Councillors’ Reports:
11.1 Cllr. Leetham said that
• there is a car parked at the bottom of Tile Kiln Hill and is difficult to see in the dark.
• KALC Canterbury area meeting is on 18th October at 7.30pm in Tyler Hill hall.
• The ditch that runs from the church to Tyler Hill Road is to be dug out and the pipe under Crab and Winkle Way. The Maple tree will stay.
• He has written to Simon Cook, Leader of CCC, about concerns over Concurrent Funding in the future as it doesn’t allow for inflation.
Cllr. Baker reminded Members that Concurrent Funding is on the agenda at the RAMP meeting on 10th November.
• Cllr. Leetham said that he has been in touch with Cllr. Simmonds and PROWO about the potholes at Amery Court and the University Estates Department about digging out ditches but nothing has been done.

Sheet 1878

12. Any Other Business for discussion at next meeting:

12.1. The date of the next meeting is 14th November 2016 at 7.30pm.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20pm.

Date _______________ Signature ______________________________

Chairman’s Report – October 2016
Denise and I continue to meet each week and review the emails and correspondence and deal with various enquiries. This month the key issues have been as listed below
TILE KILN HILL – following our last meeting more emails were received from our fellow councillor Fran Christophers and also Mr Kevin Dash. I am grateful to Cllr Samuelson to take on further communication regarding this matter. I am sure he will update us at our next meeting.
UNIVERSITY MASTER PLAN – Blean Parish Council’s initial response has been posted on the website and displayed on the village noticeboards. There have been a couple emails questioning the response. A reply has been sent explaining the conceptual nature of the plan opposed to concrete applications. Assurance has also been given that if and when an application is made Blean Parish Council will address it in the same way as we have with other recent contentious applications. We now await further consultations with University of Kent in the new year.
CHANGES IN THE PLANNING PORTAL AND PAPER COPIES OF PLANNING APPLICATIONS – we have recently been informed by CCC that from January 2017 no paper copies of planning applications will distributed to Parish Councils. All applications will be viewed on the Planning Portal of CCC website. We understand from Cllr Ben Fitter take work has been on going to make access to the planning more user friendly etc. [Ben has been personally involved in the work with officers]. We will discuss this in our November or December meeting and look at ways of maximising the use of the site etc.
RAMP MEETING – Denise and I attended this meeting, sadly the Police Commissioner was unable to attend, however there were various items on the agenda that were of interest to BPC. A review of the Parish Charter is to take place in the next few weeks. Rebecca Booth, CCC officer responsible for Open Spaces spoke about a NO SMOKING campaign being trialled in key play areas in Canterbury. I would like to follow this up and will put the item on next month’s agenda. We now have a Rural Litter Liaison Councillor who is Cllr Ben Fitter and there is a RAMP ENVIRONMENTAL OPPORTUNITIES FUND specifically for litter projects. There was also a discussion regarding Parish councillors having identity cards and an offer has been made to have these badges made for Parish Councils which will also have the CCC logo on them. Again I feel that this should be pursued by Blean Parish Council so will an agenda item for November.
As BPC chairman I have also attended two meetings at Guildhall, at the Community Committee various items were discussed which included the final decision in the change of provision of Enhanced Care Housing. This will be phased out, existing tenants will continue to receive support but all new tenancies will not have an enhanced care provision in their tenancy agreements. Also of interest at the Community Committee was the decision for a ban on all sky lanterns and helium balloons being released from council owned land. It would be good to see Parish Councils follow the City Councils lead. At the recent Regeneration and Property Committee it was decided to move forward with a public consultation on the refurbishment of the St Georges Pedestrian Area. Also, f interest to BPC was the discussion as to whether CCC should sanction a district wide ban of pavement parking. There was a balanced debate and the final decision was not to move ahead with this. The principle reasons stated were the cost of strengthening the pavements, the negative impact on the street scene of the repeater signs. There are powers already in existence with regard to pavement parking.
Meeting regarding the merger of the 5 East Kent Councils. Although I was not able to attend the meeting personally, I did watch the live streaming of the debate. Cllr Simon Cook spoke clearly about the fact that this is very much in its initial stages and there is a long road to be travelled, at present discussions are taking place about the feasibility and a firm of Consultants have been commissioned. There were quite a few pertinent questions were asked from the floor. As a Parish Council we should be aware of these developments and in time if moved forward the implications for us as a council. Cllr Cook and our Ward Councillors is aware of parish councils desire to be included in future discussions if this concept is moved forward. For your info I have attached Appendix 1 from the recent Policy and Resources Committee.
Finally, GLADMANS, there has been a lot of work and meetings concerning the appeal lodged by Gladmans on application 1 and also the forthcoming Planning Committee meeting when application 2 will be considered. A full update and discussion regards action to be taken will take place at our meeting on Monday 10th October.


BVHMC report for BPC meeting 10th October 2016
Hall bookings – Letting Officer continues to deal with an increasing amount of enquiries for regular and private hires so we request that people who contact her remain patient, plan , acknowledge and respect this system, which ensures a time scale of 72 hrs to accommodate enough time for a reply to be made.

BVHMC’s Letting Officer details: All bookings, enquiries, communication/messages via email account. Phone number is: 07709530860, address for all documents/letters/payments to BVHMC Blean Village Hall 2 School Lane Blean Canterbury Kent CT29JA post box is emptied by Letting Officer or a BVHMC member on a regular basis.
6 monthly rent review undertaken and increase in hourly charges was instituted on 1st October 2016, the website will be updated with recent rates, information + hire agreements ASAP. All regular user groups have been notified with the table of charges by email contact or phone call.
Phase 2 – public consultation will be started by the BVHMC research/development team/invited community representatives as soon as practical/possible, with particular emphasis on younger people and their needs.

2016 work projects planned/agreed

1. Renewal of door + frame from foyer to main hall to make the threshold flush on either side will be undertaken during the half-term week at the end of this month.
2. Emergency roof work to secure and make safe concrete hanging tiles + replace rotten barge boards at the end of the hall was started on Monday this week as the materials needed had to be ordered and cut to fit. The scaffolding against the rear wall will be removed when the job has been completed. BVHMC remind the public that the cones/tape/notices designating the ground area and site should not be removed, public should not enter or park their cars on. Please respect this space, as to ignore, change or disturb it causes hazard and risk to vehicles and pedestrians, from accidental damage if debris falls. .
3. New handle for disabled toilet door in main hall + projector bracket in committee room, both ordered and awaited delivery/installation will be undertaken during October’s half-term period.
4. New high windows in main hall and windows at the front of the building are to replaced by matching windows and are on order, spec fulfilled + 10 year guarantee. At the same time the solid double doors in the main storeroom will be replaced as they’ve rotted. Community space set of fire-exit (solid doors) will be replaced with fire exit glass door/units to match existing glass fire door to give more light into community space.
5. Existing glass doors/fire doors to paved area will remain insitu. If the lock is broken again it will be replaced immediately. Replacement lock cost allocated in designated reserves/budget.
6. Sound system for hall is on order and will be installed when received.
7. Tarmac of car park area adjacent to Memorial gates needed – 2 x estimates will be sought – approx £5,500 cost to redo/repair this area to eliminate flooding and other problems, signage needed to designate parking spaces for hall users only as this facility is exploited by casual car users who leave private cars parked all day. BVHMC seeking formal estimates from providers for tender as funds are available in BVHMC’s designated reserves to cover costs/complete the work
8. Informal advice has been received that BVHMC were successful with their match funded RAMP grant application for the purchase and installation of a CCTV system at rear of hall + purchase of anti-vandal – paint on vulnerable areas to deter intruders.
This will enable BVHMC to learn exactly when, why and what damage occurs & who is responsible for the damage as evidence can be provided. An incident recently of damage to the pre-school garden and play equipment was caused by a private hire – however, when contacted by the Chairman, the hire returned to the site immediately, met and apologised to the Pre-School staff and agreed to meet all the costs of the damage incurred from the deposit retained from their hire. This incident caused a lot of distress not only to Blean Pre-School Staff and Committee but caused me (as Chairman) a huge amount of extra work, communication and administration to deliver a positive outcome.

Work in progress.
Chairs in main storeroom: new system of stacking with their backs facing to enable safer use of chair trolleys is working moderately well, however, mis-matched chairs being stacked remains a challenge, is hazardous and needs more thought by users to sort before stacking the chairs, please.

Coffee morning and lunches on Sat 24th October returned a profit of £296.00. To support the MacMillan Nurses a % of this Hall profit will be donated to them from Blean community. Next BVHMC meeting is AGM open to the public on Monday 31st October @ 7.30pm in the committee room, followed by the usual monthly (closed) meeting.

Carol Sturgeon – Chairman BVHMC


Blean village co-ordinator:- David Greenman, 3 Vicarage Lane, Blean, CT2 9ET
Phone: 450853/mob 07843962986
e-mail: david.greenman@btinternet.com

Three relevant reports were received from Kent Police between Sept 22 and Sept 29. All three involved fraud of some sort and clearly illustrates that this type of crime is on the increase.

This extract is typical of the fraud reports:
….. A couple of days ago I received a personal letter from a gentleman in Hong Kong, informing me that a distant relative had died in an accident in China and was intestate. The letter stated that around 1.3 million US Dollars were in his bank account and that an international tracing agency had identified me as the nearest living relative and thus due to receive the money. It was a well written letter, even advising me that the situation would appear difficult to believe, but to trust the sender of the letter, who is a senior member of the bank in which the money was deposited. Naturally they wished to make certain enquiries in order to transfer the amount to my bank account !!!!!!!!!!!!…….

I managed to lose my distribution list of links a little while ago and had to re-key them. I may have missed some addresses so if any councilors should be receiving reports and aren’t, please let me know and I will restore them to the list.

Two Speedwatch sessions have taken place since the last report. Both on the A290, one at Westfield (9 vehicles recorded as speeding) and one at junction of Vicarage Lane (10 vehicles). The vast majority of speeding was low-end.

It doesn’t affect Blean Speedwatch at the moment but some schemes are going online. This would involve making online reports on site rather than recording manually. I haven’t officially informed every Blean volunteer that this may happen so I cannot judge their reaction at the moment. I don’t know if the police are planning to convert all schemes to onlince

David Greenman
6 October 2016

CB12: In section from pumping station to cycle track the hole has been filled, also a bridge has been replaced just before the field next to the cycle track. Thank you County Councillor John Simmonds and footpath officer Louise Adams. The steps by the pumping station are still wonky, with the handrail at an odd angle.
From cycle path to Brotherhood wood. THE BRIDGE HAS BEEN REPAIRED and the eroded bank has been bridged with an extension to the existing bridge. The whole area has been improved as it passes into CB13. A big thank you to John Simmonds and Louise Adams.
CB13: An extension has been put on the bridge on CB12 to make the area safer and improved. As does the new bridge over the marshy area and water course at the foot of Brotherhood Wood. Thank you again.
The rest of the path is clear.
CB28: Clear, but as it is a bridleway a willow tree hangs rather low for a horse and rider.
CB17: Clear, but still no footpath marking at the Chapel Lane end. Saw new footpath signs being erected by KCC near Frittenden , West Kent, this month. When is our turn as many need replacing or maintenance?
Is it possible to remove the two bar fence which crosses this footpath? Not everyone can climb over it. Someone had told me some time ago she had tried to take her elderly mother for a walk along a footpath off School Lane and had to turn back because there was a fence across. Now I realize where it was.
CB30: Clear
CB9: Walked as far as the field by the telecommunications path. Overgrown from CB30 to former manure heap site. As moat lane runs parallel no real problem. Manure heap replaced by Kent College compost heap. Bonfire still on its site, despite promises, where it blocks way to remaining path which cannot be bypassed by Moat Lane. Bonfire pile just hedge cuttings which is an improvement.
CB24A: Clear and dry!
CB14: Clear
CB27: Still blocked by fallen tree at Amery Court end. Path obstructed by ploughed earth round back of farm making it difficult to walk. Path continued clear, although narrow for a by-way, and rough underfoot. As before some branches will catch the unwary horse rider, and another fallen tree (although less of an obstacle) at junction with CB16.
CB20A: Attacked this path from the Clowes Wood end. Fairly overgrown, but passable until 40 metres from junction with CB20 where it is completely impassable. Finished route using very edge of farmer’s field. Such a shame that the path will become unused, and no doubt more overgrown, for the sake of 40 metres of undergrowth. Footpath notices at CB20 end need attention.
CB20B: from CB20 to CB21 clear.
CB12A: Clear but for the overhanging dead tree by the overgrown pond, and near the giant tree trunk with the footpath step cut into it is a steep area which is very awkward, steep and slippery to walk over.
CB11: Style into first field has had running repairs, and the style from CB10 has been renewed making it solid . However the surface of the path along CB10, and where it passes into
CB9: is horrendous. The mud is so rutted and poached especially in CB9 it is like horizontal mountain climbing ing
CB5: where the path crosses the water course the path goes through the bed of the water course. It was dry but in winter it can be quite deep. A parallel path is closed off by a gate, but it has a bridge!
Where the path turns towards its style into the woods it passes through a long section of rough undergrowth. It was passable, just.
At the style, problems. The style has been renewed but the fence it passes over has not been stabilized and the style step is a long way off the ground. My husband had no problem but I found it difficult to reach the step, and with a wobbly fence to hold on to I would not have been climb over if I had been alone.
CB4: fine
CB29A: fine
Thanks again to John Simmonds and Louise Adams for arranging the repairs to CB12.
When is Kent College going to install the gates they promised, and do something about the surface of CB 12/9. This is part of the Big Blean Walk which is advertised at Canterbury’s Tourist Office

Fran Christophers. Blean footpath warden.