Minutes – 14th July 2014

Sheet 1717

Those Present:   Cllrs: B. Flack (Chairman); W. Leetham (Vice-Chairman); G King; C. Sturgeon; C. Dunster; H. Samuelson (entered the meeting at 8.05pm); P. Hutt; Clerk D. Horswell.


Also present: County Cllr. J. Simmonds (entered the meeting at 7.50pm) and three members of the public.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


1. Apologies for absence:  – Cllr. H Cole – family Commitments; Ward Cllr. J. Gilbey; Ward Cllr. B. Fitter; both on holiday


2. Changes to Register of Declarations of Interest and DPI in Matters to be discussed:

Cllrs. Sturgeon and King declared an interest as Village Hall Management Committee members in any matters to do with the village hall.


3. Matters raised by the public:

3.1. Mrs H. Letts raised the matter of the footpaths in the village and the reduced maintenance of them by P.R.O.W. She said that the three left in the maintenance contract were not fit for purpose and Bridleway 24 has not been cut. CB12, CB12A, CB19 and CB29 were all in need of maintenance and CB12A was a particular problem as an alternative route had been cut by someone from the junction with CB12. It is not possible to use CB12A from the village route. The Chairman said that the matter was on the agenda later in the meeting.

3.2. Cllr. Sturgeon reported that the farmer at Parsonage Farm in Denstroude Lane has re-instated footpath ZR674. It was agreed to send a letter of thanks to him.

3.3 Mr Gammon mentioned that the potholes opposite 1 Bourne Lodge Close were not repaired when the other road work was done.


4. Reports from Ward and County Councillors:

County Cllr. John Simmonds spoke on the work being done on the County budget and how this affects the services KCC can offer. He also spoke of the closure of Manston Airport and the effects on the employment in Thanet.


5. Approval of the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 9th June 2014

The minutes of the 9th June 2014 meeting were approved and accepted as a true record of the meeting.

Proposed by Cllr. Leetham, seconded by Cllr. Dunster and all Cllrs. present AGREED.


6. N.H.W. Report

Cllr. King gave his report in which he said that there had been another change in PCSOs, this present incumbent also covers Harbledown and Chartham Hatch, Tyler Hill as well as Blean.

Sheet 1718


One incident had occurred since the June report in which a car was stolen from a property on Pean Hill plus log book and keys. The Police reported the theft as ‘by trickery’ by a known offender.

Paresh Sharma who has been the street contact person for Tile Kiln Hill for a couple of years, as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, is now moving on to University but his brother, Jatin, will be taking over responsibity from August.

There are still ample funds to cover the scheme and Cllr. King is willing to continue as co-ordinator should Councillors wish him to do so.

Cllr. Hutt said that there had been burglaries from outbuildings in Dunkirk, Boughton and Herne Hill and new equipment which had been bought to replace previously stolen items had been stolen again.


7. Village Hall Report

Cllr. Sturgeon gave the Village Hall report (attached to these minutes).


8. Matters Arising including:

8.1 Public Paths & Rights of Way:

Cllr. Flack thanked Cllr. Simmonds for instigating the meeting with P.R.O.W. Officer, Louise Adams, herself and the clerk which proved to be a very positive meeting which led to understanding on both sides of the problems each face with overgrown footpaths. As the sole officer for the Southern area, Louise has to walk the footpaths that are reported as being in need of work, before a works order can be issued. Due to lack of funds the well used footpaths will be looked at first. Any re-instatement requests are best to come from her rather than the Parish Council. As she is working on such a tight budget each report she submits to her Manager has to have a strong case. She advised the Parish Council not to use the Community Payback Scheme but volunteers could cut back odd branches and nettles. She advised the Parish Council to look at its Public Liability  insurance for covering volunteers to do odd jobs.

She is going to walk CB8 to look at the stile and CB12 and 12A. Cllr. King, as Footpath Warden, offered to walk the footpaths with her. Cllr. Sturgeon, due to time commitments, asked to be released from duty as a Footpath Warden. All present agreed.

8.2 Discuss and Approve Signs (Parish Office, Nature Reserve and Mound).

Cllr. Flack circulated proofs of the three signs and explained that the Danger Awareness sign for the mound was as a result of recommendation in the annual Wicksteed report.

The Nature Reserve sign has been suggested as people aren’t aware where the reserve is, it was decided to put it in the gap leading into the reserve.

The Parish Office sign is to make people aware where the office is and of opening hours. It was suggested that Blean Parish Council should be put at the bottom of each sign. All present agreed.

8.3 Recreation Ground update

1. For discussion – No Parking at Memorial Gate entrance.

This was due to difficulty in gaining access if there are cars parked there.

Sheet 1719


Cllr. Sturgeon agreed to raise the matter at the next Village Hall meeting.

Cllr. Flack said that the parish Council will be looking at having the gates re-vamped and provide a cycle rack.

2. Request for two additional waste bins on the recreation ground.

People have asked to have additional bins by the picnic table and on the left hand side of the field. It was agreed to order two new bins.

3. Update on installation of Outdoor Gym Equipment.

Cllr. Flack said that the new outdoor gym equipment is due to be delivered and installed on the recreation ground on 22nd July. This has been paid for with a £3000 CCC Capital Grant with Blean Parish Council paying for the installation.

8.4 Highway Issues:

1. Update on delivery and installation of notice-board and Interpretation Board on The Green

The new noticeboard has been delivered today and Blean PCC have accepted the offer to have the old noticeboard and refurbish it to go in the car park at the church.

2. Request to Joint Transportation Board for double yellow lines to be put outside Nos. 11 to 13 and replace the existing yellow line opposite Nos. 17 to 19 Tile Kiln Hill.

This request has been accepted to be heard at the next Transportation meeting. There followed a discussion on school parking.

8.5. Parish Plan Committee update:

Cllr. Flack reported that it is all proceeding well and the committee members are formulating the questions for each area of the Plan. The target is to launch the survey at September’s coffee morning.

8.6. Discussion on possible Dedication of Hazel’s bench:

Cllr. Flack has contacted Colin McCabe who will come back with some dates.

8.7. RAMP Panel meeting report – Enforcement Officer for Rural Areas:

Ward Cllr. Fitter has sent an email stating that this was favourably received in principal. The Panel would like Parish Councils to indicate times and places the officers would be needed.


9. Councillors’ Reports
9.1 Cllr. Samuelson  asked whether the Parish Council would consider having a defibrillator installed in the village. It was agreed to put it on the September agenda.

9.2 Cllr. Leetham spoke of the shed break-ins. The NHW had been in touch with both the Police and PCSO. Cllr. Leetham also spoke of the SE WW1 Fund which could maybe provide funding for the re-vamping of the Memorial gates.


Cllr. Samuelson left the meeting at 9.10pm.


9.3 Cllr. King mentioned the overgrown hedge bordering the field by the Royal Oak. The clerk has already written to the owner.

9.4 Cllr. Flack spoke of the three CCC consultations which the Parish Council needed to respond to:

Rural Housing survey – affordable housing needs and sites, small development.


Sheet 1720


University – maintain control within boundary – environmental issues and maintain green gaps.

Open Strategy – What we should be doing with open spaces – Blean mentioned twice – Cycle routes – CIL payment.

Canterbury District Transport Strategy

Trains, buses and National coaches all link up

Slip road at Wincheap

Blean HGV ban re-instated.

BPC support KCC on HGV users charge and money should be channeled into roads.

Provide good bus service

Safe pavements

Safe cycle routes


10. Correspondence (as previously circulated)

All correspondence and emails have been circulated to all members and included:

1. Letter from Blean PCC – thanking BPC for the old noticeboard which will be used in the car park at Blean Church.

2. Letter to Mr C Atkins – Overgrown hedge by Royal Oak pub

3. Email from Rebecca Hall ref moving old slide to the mound – a reply had been sent thanking her for the suggestion and informing her of the Council’s intention of providing a slide on the mound.

4. KCC – The Definitive Map and Statement of P.R.O.W – County of Kent – 31st May 2013


11. Planning Applications (as previously circulated)

The following applications had been received and circulated to all Cllrs. for comment.

1. CA//14/01200/FUL – Revision to planning permission CA/10/00211/FUL (two storey extension and conversion of semi-detached properties to single occupancy dwelling plus new conservatory); change to the roof form of the two-storey extension and to fenestration – 62 and 64 Blean Common, Blean, CT2 9EY – No objection by BPC

2. CA//14/01240/VAR – Variation of condition 06 of planning permission CA/14/00094/FUL to reduce the required level of the Code for Sustainable Homes from Level 4 to Level 3 with certain aspects achieving Level 4 – 114 Blean Common, Blean, CT2 9JJ – No objection by BPC

3. CA//14/01245/LUP – Certificate of proposed lawful development in respect of a single-storey side extension – 27 Chestnut Avenue, Blean, CT2 9HY – No objection by BPC

4. CA/14/01042/FUL – Demolition of existing garage and erection of a side extension – 88 Blean Common – No objection by BPC


11.2 Decision Notices:

1. Single-storey side extension – 20 Mount Pleasant – GRANTED

Sheet 1721


2. Erection of conservatory to rear of dwelling – 50 School Lane – GRANTED


11.3 Tree Notices: None


12. Approval for invoice payments and signing of cheques

Banking details for June 2014


Chq. 002490 – Casement Signs – Village Hall & Memorial Ground – £70.68

Chq. 002491 – Fresh-Air Fitness – Outdoor Gym Equipment – £4554.60

Chq. 002492 – Mr K Waddington – Handyman’s Wages June 2014 – £124.80

Chq. 002493 – Mrs D Horswell – Clerks Salary June – £670.60     

Chq. 002494 – HMRC – PAYE & NIC June 2014 – £33.42

Chq. 002495– BVHMC – Hall Hire June 2014 – £12.00

Chq. 002496 – Meadow Grange – Plants, Ant Powder and Spray – £13.70

Chq. 002497 – Mrs D Horswell –Petty Cash June 2014 – £25.27

Chq. 002498 – The Acorn Workshop – Noticeboard and Panel – £895.00


DD – Serco – Waste Collection Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr –  £178.16

 Total paid out             £6578.23

Paid in 

BVHMC – 50% – Serco Waste Collection – £74.23


Total paid in               £74.23


Bank Statement as at 20th June 2014

Current Account – £2000

Business Reserve Account – £30,714.93

(Interest bearing account used to feed Current Account, when needed, to maintain a balance of £2000)


13. Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting is 8th September at 7.30pm.


14 Any Other Business

Cllr. Flack asked if, in future, all members could submit their reports before the meeting.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30pm.



Date     _______________                 Signature     ______________________________




Report from BVHMC to BPC meeting 14h July 2014 – Carol Sturgeon


Designation of disabled car parking places, on rear car park and front of hall remains outstanding and on the committee’s agenda for marking out and yellow paint.


A revised regular users’ hall letting agreement will be finalised after a final draft has been approved and then issued.  Hall Liaison Officers are planning an open evening for regular users next month to advise them and update groups regarding changes  made to the hiring agreement t’s & c’s + car park barrier and lock, date to be confirmed and advised by Letting Officer.


The new range cooker and extractor fan system was installed last month by Invicta Catering and used for the first time at the fete and music festival on 28th June to provide hot food.


The second time was last Saturday 5th July – catering for the 47 people who came to the monthly dementia awareness lunch club who appreciated a freshly prepared and cooked 3 course meal.  This additional hall resource to provide catering on a semi-industrial basis is hugely appreciated and valued as it will help to address and meet community need for new services.


This regular lunch club event continues to meet the needs of the locality with Age UK Canterbury, local church groups + Admiral Nurses encouraging those who live locally with dementia, to come for lunch.  Sam – our Dementia Champion from Tyler Hill – will be organising a workshop in the hall on a Saturday morning ASAP to encourage people to become “dementia friends”.  The delay has been caused by a technical difficulty with access to the Alzheimher’s website for her to get resources for the workshop.  The aim of the group will spread the message that Blean village and Tyler Hill is a dementia friendly place to live.  Any little ways of help and support offered really makes a difference – it doesn’t cost anything to be a dementia friend. Posters and flyers with this message of support and information will be available when the date is confirmed.


This isn’t a fund raising or profit making event, the cost of the food only is met by personal donations which currently cover food costs, if/when this fund is depleted a small charge for the lunch will be made, according to people’s individual circumstances.


A separate and regular weekday lunch club for others of all abilities, needs and age in the village, is also on the agenda for the future.  We truly appreciate the offers of help to collaborate with other interested groups/volunteers for them to share the lead for catering and organising lunches, to benefit a wider range of local people, now that the cooker is installed.


Guidance will be offered to those who need to cook to ensure they’re au fait with the extractor system and operation of the range cooker. BVHMC needs to purchase essential cooking utensils, trays and fundamental equipment for the main kitchen from current fund raising as we’re providing our own equipment at the moment.  This will be undertaken and purchased over the summer holiday period.


BVHMC were successful in their RAMP grant application for an outside tool shed to house gardening equipment, traffic cones, and excess items from the store room for safe storage.  This will be sited at the end of the rear car park next to the large pine tree. Advice and guidance is being sought from the architect and CCC regarding a base for the shed to protect the tree roots as it’s subject to a TPO, before we proceed.


Judging took place in June by the S&SEiB assessor for Blean’s “Its Your Neighbourhood” entry who spent an hour here and appeared very impressed by the impact that the collaborators of the Blooming Blean project have made on the village and community environment. They include: Blean Pre-school, BPC, BVHMC, FOBC and the John Graham Centre, the assessment results will be advised in September.


Blean, Hackington & Tyler Hill Society are aiming to replicate Blean’s green effect in their village, they wrote to me today, as they’re very impressed with the planters and flowers around this hall and have requested details, forwarded to FOBC for a response.


Social events update: All profits from fund raising are invested in the hall & fabric


June was an extraordinarily busy month with disco, garage safari and annual fete and music festival – all were all hugely popular and successful thanks to the time and commitment from volunteers, musicians, village and community generosity and everyone’s interest and loyal support to the social events.


Next event:


Saturday 26th July – usual home-made coffee morning from 10am – 12 mid day sadly no lunches served at this event, Blean History museum open, children’s table and a book and/or plants stall.


Afternoon event same day 3pm – 6pm.  Vintage and cricket teas served on fine china with a plate of tasty morsels + a glass of Pimms @ £5.00 – in the marquees if needed – booking anne.clifford@live.com essential.


+ Intergenerational cricket match with captains appointed + rounders/family games taking place on the recreation ground for spectators to join in with or watch while taking tea!


Details of all community based social and fund raising events found on www. bleanvillagehall.co.uk  website + photographs of the music festival with quite a lot of familiar faces featured in the audience.


BVHMC will not be meeting in August.  The social events restart 23rd August with the usual coffee morning and other stalls/activities 10am – 1pm when lunches will be served.