Minutes – 13th May 2013

                                                                                                                        Sheet 1650


Minutes of Blean Parish Council Annual Meeting held at the Village Hall, School Lane, Blean on Monday 13th May 2013


Those Present:    Cllrs: W. Leetham (Chairman); H. Samuelson (Vice-Chairman)

G King; C. Sturgeon; C. Dunster; B. Flack; P. Hutt; C Goldstein.


Also present: Ward Cllr. B. Fitter and one member of the public.


The Chairman welcomed the Councillors and member of the public to the meeting and explained the fire drill and location of the toilets.


1. Apologies for absence:  – Ward Cllr. J. Gilbey; County Cllr. J. Simmonds


2. To elect a Chairman and receive Declaration of Acceptance

Cllr. Leetham handed over the meeting to Vice-Chairman Cllr Samuelson who asked for nominations for the position of Chairman.

William Leetham – Proposed by Cllr. Samuelson, Seconded by Cllr. Sturgeon, all Cllrs. present AGREED

Cllr. Leetham signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office which was counter-signed by the clerk.

3. To elect a Vice-Chairman and receive Declaration of Acceptance

Barbara Flack – Proposed by Cllr. Leetham, Seconded by Cllr. Sturgeon, all Cllrs. present AGREED.

Cllr. Flack signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office which was counter-signed by the clerk.

4. Appointment of other Officers for:

(a)        Highways – Cllr. Samuelson

(b)       Buses – Cllr. Leetham

(c)        Footpath Warden –  Cllrs. Sturgeon and King – Pavements – Cllr. Dunster

(d)       Planning – Cllrs. Flack, King and Leetham

(e)        Village Hall Representatives – Cllrs. Sturgeon and King

(f)        Tree Warden – Cllr. Samuelson

(g)        Leggett Charity – Cllrs. Leetham and Samuelson


5. Changes to Register of Declarations of Interest and DPI in Matters to be discussed.

No changes reported and Cllrs. Sturgeon and King both declared an interest as Village Hall Management Committee members.


6. Adoption of Standing Orders

Standing Orders as ‘Seven Principles of Public Life’ adopted

Proposed by Cllr. Leetham, Seconded by Cllr. Flack, all Cllrs. present AGREED


7. Matters raised by the public

Concerns were raised over the potholes in Chapel lane/Bourne Lodge Close/School Lane which are all in a bad state.


                                                                                                                        Sheet 1651


Cllr. Sturgeon said that although the potholes in Denstroude Lane had been repaired the edges of the road still had holes.


8.  Approval of the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 15th April 2013

The minutes of the 15th April 2013 were approved and accepted as a true record of the meeting.

Proposed by Cllr. Hutt, seconded by Cllr. King and all Cllrs. present AGREED.


8.1 The clerk raised a matter from 11th March minutes (Sheet 1642) in which Mrs H Letts wished it to be minuted that CB27 is a byway and not a bridleway. NOTED


9. Matters Arising including:

(1) Public Paths & Rights of Way

The clerk had reported thirteen footpaths to KCC which Mrs Letts had reported to her are in need of attention

(2) Draft Local Plan – response to be considered

Cllr. Leetham said for members to look at the plan on CCC website and comment. Cllr. Flack said that BPC should consider a response.

(3) Meeting with Adrian Verrall

It was agreed to invite Adrian Verrall to a future Parish Council meeting to explain how to go about producing a Neighbourhood Plan or alternative.

(4) Parish Charter

Cllr. Flack raised the matter that there is a Canterbury City Council R.A.M.P. meeting to which representatives of Parish Councils are invited at the Guildhall on 10th June at 7pm. Cllr. Sturgeon offered to attend.

(5) To set up an appointment with BPC’s solicitor to finalise the transfer of the freehold of the hall

Cllr. Flack suggested that she and the clerk should meet with the Solicitor to finalise the transfer. Cllr. Sturgeon explained to Ward Cllr. Fitter the problems the Parish Council are having with the transfer and Cllr. Fitter offered to speak to the Solicitor to express the urgency of the matter.


Cllr. Samuelson left the meeting at 8pm for a previous appointment.


10. Reports

10.1. N.H.W. Report

Cllr. King reported that there has been one reported theft of items from a property in Denstroude Lane and one night of petty vandalism at the village hall and properties in School Lane and Bourne Lodge Close. The matter has been reported to Kent Police. Other than that, it has been a comparatively quiet period once again, with only 35 reports from the police and Trading Standards, relevant ones have been circulated via the NHW network, village notice boards and the Parish Council website.

On Saturday 4th May, Cllr. King was the principal speaker at the launch meeting to set up a new NHW in Capel le Ferne, when 12 local residents came forward to offer themselves as street contacts, one Parish Councillor volunteered as a co-ordinator and it is hoped to model their scheme on the Blean model.

                                                                                                                        Sheet 1652


Cllr. King said that there are ample funds to conduct our local scheme.

Cllr. Sturgeon enquired when we are likely to be getting a new PCSO and Cllr. King said that they are still in training.


10.2. Village Hall Report

Cllr. Sturgeon gave the BVHMC report (attached to these minutes).


10.3  Councillors’ Reports

Ward Cllr. Ben Fitter gave his report in which he explained the situation with the soakaway in Bourne Lodge Close and the difficulty in gaining access at the property.

He spoke of the Draft of the Local Plan which is out for consultation and on the CCC website. He had maps for members to look at showing potential housing development sites.

There was also a discussion on the Boundary Commission.

Cllr. Sturgeon thanked Ken Waddington for spraying the weeds around the hall. Cllr. Sturgeon also spoke of the removal of the spoil to the top of the recreation ground and how, being that there was not enough time to raise an invoice, it was agreed that BVHMC will pay the invoice and BPC will re-imburse them.

Andy Bates has asked permission to use the mound for a track for his model cars at the Annual Fete on 29th June. This was given.

Cllr. Leetham reported that Don from Blean Digger Hire has very kindly removed the hurdles and concrete bases in the recreation ground free of charge.

Cllr. Leetham is to draw up a weekly checklist for Ken Waddington to check on the recreation ground, play equipment, dog fouling etc. It was confirmed that it is all covered by the Council’s public liability insurance.

Cllr. Sturgeon said that all groups that hire the hall have been invited to create a hanging basket for the outside of the hall. Ken is to be asked to produce one from the Parish Council.

Cllr. Leetham reported that Cllr. Hutt had installed extra memory in the Parish Council computer which had improved the speed. Cllr. Leetham thanked Cllr. Hutt for this work.

Cllr. King reported that the buses are still using waiting time at the bus stop opposite Tyler Hill Road. Letter to be written to Jeremy Cooper of Stagecoach.

He also reported that massive pipes for the soakaways at 39 Blean Common had been delivered.

Cllr. Flack reported that her daughter had tripped over in the alleyway next to the fishing tackle shop. A letter will be sent to the owners.

Cllr. Leetham reported that yellow lines had been painted at the top of Tyler Hill Road and Chapel Lane.


11. Correspondence

All correspondence (as previously circulated to members):

1. Consultation on the revised guidance for information requirements and the validation of

planning applications – consultation ends 21st June

2. Oast to Coast – Spring 2013

3. SE Water – Water Resources Management Plan 2014

                                                                                                                        Sheet 1653


4. Clerks & Councils Direct – March 2013 Issue 86

5. CCC – Allocation of offsite open space developer contributions 2012

6. Changes to the management of Public Rights of Way in Kent

7. KSCP – Change of address

8. CPRE Fieldwork – Spring 2013

9. CPRE – Countryside Voice – Spring 2013

10. CPRE – ‘Improve travel choices where you live’ booklet

11. Notice of Eric Woodroffe’s death (Former Parish Councillor                                                                                                                     

12. Planning Applications – The following applications have been received and circulated to all Cllrs. for comment.

1. CA/13/00696/FUL – Application for permanent planning permission for a car park adjacent to the Sports Center at UKC campus relating to previous temporary permissions (ref: CA/07/01359/BLE and CA/08/01346/BLE) – The Sports Centre, UKC

2. CA/13/00466/FUL/ CA/13/00467/LB – Refurbishment of existing lean-to, new conservation pattern metal laylights, re-pointing, refurbishing main roof, re-instatement of original windows, provision of porch to front and addition of insulation – Honey Hill Farm – No objection by PC

3. CA/13/00770/FUL – Dormer to rear of dwelling – Linden Lea, Blean Common – just received.


Decision Notices

1.  CA/13/00420/FUL – Demolition of existing workshop and erection of replacement machinery bays, workshop and office – Blean National Nature Reserve – GRANTED

2. CA/13/00466/FUL/ CA/13/00467/LB – Refurbishment of existing lean-to, new conservation pattern metal laylights, re-pointing, refurbishing main roof, re-instatement of original windows, provision of porch to front and addition of insulation – Honey Hill Farm, 11 Honey Hill CT2 9JP – GRANTED

Proposed Works to Trees in a Conservation Area
1. Fell two Ash trees, located to the left of the patio and just behind the rear gate,
Fell a Willow, located close to the main entrance and Fell a Lime, located close to the above Willow – Linden Lea, Vicarage Lane

13. Approval for invoice payments and signing of cheques

Banking details for April 2013


Cheques for Approval and Signature

Chq. 002359 – Dean & Chapter – Archives Storage Fee                          £ 25.00

Chq. 002360 –            KALC Annual Membership                                               £521.98

Chq. 002361 – HMRC – PAYE & NIC April 2013                                    £  35.37

Chq. 002362 – Mr K Waddington – Handyman’s Wages April 2013       £119.53

Chq. 002363 – Mrs D Horswell – Clerks Salary April 2013                      £662.64

Chq. 002364 – BVHMC – Rent for hall – April 2013                               £  11.00

                                                                                                                        Sheet 1654


Chq. 002365 – Meadow Grange Nursery                                                   £  31.93

Chq. 002366 – CCC – Land Registry                                                         £400.00

Chq. 002367 – Mrs D Horswell – Petty Cash April 2013                          £  15.63

Chq. 002368 – HPC – 50% Clerks Conference                                         £  36.00



DD – Serco – Waste Collection – March 2013                                            £ 26.30

DD –  Serco – Waste Collection – April 2013                                              £ 32.88



Total out        £1918.26



Received in

CCC –  Concurrent Funding 2013/2014                                                     £5501.10

CCC – Precept 2013/2014                                                                            £15,100.00


Bank Statement as at 23rd April 2013

Current Account – £2000

Business Reserve Account – £41,737.98

(Interest bearing account used to feed Current Account, when needed, to maintain a balance of £2000.

Reserves funds of £11,000 earmarked for the BVHMC)


13.1 To accept and approve end of year accounts for Annual Return

Income and expenditure sheets for year ending 31st March 2013 were distributed to Cllrs. for approval.

Proposed by Cllr. King, Seconded by Cllr. Flack, all Cllrs present AGREED.

13.2 To accept and approve Annual Governance Statement

Proposed by Cllr. King, Seconded by Cllr. Flack, all Cllrs present AGREED


14. Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting is 10th June 2013


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.57pm..




Date     _______________                 Signature     ______________________________









Blean Village Hall Management Committee report 13th May 2013 – Carol Sturgeon


Due to the delay by BPC’s solicitor in registering the hall with Land Registry as advised by Denise, the transfer of the hall freehold to BVHMC is causing a problem with access to: £65.000 Viridor Credits Award.


It is imperative for BVMHC to access the Viridor award before the end of August, as, if this is compromised by further delay to the hall freehold transfer process, this would cause a serious cash flow problem to pay the builder


Viridor Credit’s solicitors need sight of the title to the hall docs to record against their legal charge document which forms part of the award’s terms and conditions of funding. BVHMC’s solicitor has expressed concern at the length of time the transfer of hall freehold is taking, the process started in August 2012.  He’s requested that BPC’s solicitor needs to contact him ASAP which Denise kindly passed on.


On a more positive note the Phase 1 project is making excellent progress since its start on 16th April, the act of anti-social behaviour on the bank holiday weekend when the footings were flooded didn’t cause any permanent damage.


The hall remains in full use and will continue until 24th July when it will be closed for 6 weeks to enable the builder to complete the work and break through process.  Blean Church has kindly extended an offer to hall user groups to meet and use their meeting room next to the Church, during the hall’s closed period, which is much appreciated.


Fund raising continues and will continue throughout the summer by the volunteers to meet the small deficit outstanding to complete the building work.  We have been very grateful for the donations, grants and event receipts received over the past month which totalled: £13.000 – quite a month!  This huge amount means that the figure officially secured by BVHMC is £225.000 – we await decisions from bids submitted and have the safety net of pledges of loans from 3 x Blean Individuals to cover, if needed, all costs incurred by the project.


The community residents are watching the hall extension grow day by day and brick by brick, which is very exciting for everyone to see. The Heras fencing has become the in-place and viewing area for all ages and interests, the BVHMC are delighted to hear about this and know that everyone is enthusiastically committed and excited by the project.


Next Sunday 19th May come and join the unique Blean breakfast bacon butty bike ride from the hall along a short or long route to the Crab & Winkle Way, return to the hall for breakfast.  Sat 25TH May is the usual home-made coffee morning, Godfrey is showing Crab & Winkle photos and they’ll be a nature trail for the children.


On 29th June the big event is the annual village fete and music festival, mid-day onwards – tug of war challenge & lots more to do and see, posters going up soon with all information.  Details/information about us from bleanvillagehall.co.uk website or follow us on Twitter or Facebook – please look at the website and find out more.