Minutes – 12th May 2014


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Those Present:   Cllrs: B. Flack (Vice-Chairman); G King; C. Dunster; C. Sturgeon; P. Hutt; Mrs H Cole; Clerk D. Horswell.


Also present: Three members of the public.


1. Apologies for absence:  – Cllr. W. Leetham (Chairman); Cllr. H. Samuelson; Ward Cllr. J. Gilbey; Ward Cllr. B. Fitter; County Cllr. J. Simmonds.


In the absence of the Chairman, Cllr. Flack (Vice-Chairman), took the Chair.  Cllr. Flack welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that Cllr. Leetham was absent due to his father being taken to hospital. Cllr. Flack welcomed Mrs Hilary Cole as a co-opted member onto the Parish Council.


2. To elect a Chairman and receive Declaration of Acceptance:

Thanks were given to Cllr. Leetham for fourteen years of service as Chairman.

Cllr. Flack was nominated as a candidate for Chairman:

Proposed by Cllr. King

Seconded by Cllr. Hutt

All present agreed.


3. To elect a Vice-Chairman and receive Declaration of Acceptance:

Cllr. Leetham, with his agreement and in his absence, was nominated as Vice-Chairman for one year.

Proposed by Cllr. Flack

Seconded by Cllr. King

All present agreed.


Cllr. Flack signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office countersigned by the clerk. Cllr. Leetham will sign his when convenient.


4. Mrs Hilary Cole signed her Declaration of Acceptance of Office as a co-opted member which was counter-signed by the clerk.


5. Appointment of Cllrs. for:

Pavements: Cllr. Dunster

Footpath Wardens: Cllr. Sturgeon and Cllr. King

Village Hall representatives: Cllr. Sturgeon  and Cllr. King

Planning sub-committee: Cllr. Leetham, Cllr. Flack and Cllr. King

NHW: Cllr. King

Highways: Cllr. Samuelson

Tree Warden: Cllr. Samuelson

Leggett Charity: Cllr. Samuelson and Cllr. Leetham

Buses: Cllr. Leetham


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6. Changes to Register of Declarations of Interest and DPI in Matters to be discussed.

Cllr. Sturgeon and Cllr. King declared an interest as Village Hall Management Committee members in any matters to do with the village hall.


7. Adoption of Standing Orders:

All present agreed.


8. Matters raised by the public:

8.1 Mrs Audrey Kelk raised the matter of CB8 where new piping has been laid into Mount Pleasant resulting in flooding on both sides of the footpath. She has reported it to S E Water but it was felt that the Parish Council should also report it to S E Water to endorse the issue.

The clerk explained that the Parish Council are in the process of making enquiries as to who to get to help with the maintenance of the footpaths. An email had been sent to CCC requesting whether the Community Payback scheme would be able to assist in this task. No reply has been received.

Canterbury Ramblers and other charitable organisations are also to be contacted asking for their help. A list of land-owners who may be responsible for footpaths on their land is also to be compiled.

8.2 Mr Gammon asked when Chapel Lane is to be repaired. The clerk has heard from KHS that work is due to start late June.


9. Reports from Ward and County Councillors:

No Ward and County Councillors present.


10. Approval of the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 14th April 2014:

The minutes of the 14th April 2014 meeting were approved and accepted as a true record of the meeting.

Proposed by Cllr. Sturgeon, seconded by Cllr. Hutt and all Cllrs. present AGREED.


11. N.H.W. Report:

Cllr. King gave his report in which he said that it had been a quiet period since his last report in which he highlighted a number of incidents of thefts from garages and outbuildings in a variety of locations in the village. One incident had occurred of a suspicious man following young children in School Lane, but he drove off when parents were alerted. The Police attended and someone had been apprehended.

Following Cllr. King’s expressions to the Police and Crime Commissioner about the lack of police presence in Blean from the advertised contact points schedule, these have now been instituted on a fortnightly basis, stationed outside the village hall on Monday evenings. The first such event was attended by a number of residents, who were able to collect free security devices. A total of 39 messages have been received from Kent Police which have been distributed through the normal channels including the parish council website. There are still adequate funds to continue to administer the local scheme which Cllr. King is happy to continue to co-ordinate

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if the Parish Council wish. Cllr. King is to attend the Police Forum at Littlebourne village hall on 13th May.

Thanks were given to Cllr. King and the street monitors for their work.


12. Village Hall Report:

Cllr. Sturgeon gave the Village Hall report (attached to these minutes).


13. Matters Arising including:

13.1 Public Paths & Rights of Way:

Nothing further to add from 8.1.

13.2 Noticeboards: Discussion and Approval of new noticeboard – funded by EDF refund, signs and school noticeboard:

Cllr. Flack reported that Cllr. Samuelson had gained £100 funding towards a new noticeboard at the school.

She also reported that following a refund of just over £1,200 from EDF being received it was proposed to replace the noticeboard on the village green. It was proposed to have a smaller one than the present one with a separate interpretation board for the village map. Costings obtained were in the region of £875.

The Council was asked to consider giving the old noticeboard to the church for their car park. Friends of Blean Church would be prepared to stain it etc.

Proposed by Cllr. Flack

Seconded by Cllr. King

All present agreed.

The Parish Council have written a letter to Peter Firmin to ask whether he has a new map.

13.3 Recreation Ground update – F.I.T. Registration:

Cllr. Flack reported that a new picnic table had been erected on the old roundabout area. This had been funded by a Members Grant from County Cllr. Simmonds which the Parish Council were grateful for.

A discussion was had on the Fields In Trust registration which had not taken place last year due to the hall building works and the transfer of the lease. It was decided to contact F.I.T again to re-address the matter.

Cllr. Flack also reported that the Parish Council had been successful in gaining a Capital Grant of £3,000 from CCC which will enable the purchase of a number of pieces of outdoor gym equipment at a cost of £2,999 including vat. If fitted by the supplier it will cost £4,995 so it was decided to contact a local contractor for a quote for fitting.

13.4 Highway Issues – possible yellow lines from the flashing school sign opposite 11/13 and the existing yellow line opposite 17/19:

Ward Cllr. Ben Fitter had received an email from a local resident about yellow lines being painted on Tile Kiln Hill from the flashing school sign opposite 11/13 and the existing yellow line opposite 17/19 but after discussion it was decided that this would serve no useful purpose as it would still need to be enforced. The Parish Council will write to CCC to ask whether one of their Enforcement Officers can become a Rural Enforcement Officer.

Sheet 1708


13.5. Parish Plan Committee update:

Cllr. Flack reported that the minutes of the meeting had been circulated to BPC. The target date to release the questionnaire is September.

13.6. Blooming Blean update:

Cllr. Sturgeon reported that there are now 14-16 hanging baskets outside the hall and a number of troughs sponsored by various organisations.

There was an unfortunate incident involving Ken Waddington as an employee of BPC and a member of Kevro Property Services concerning the maintenance of the flowerbeds outside clock tower parade. There were two witnesses and the incident was reported to the police. In view of this it was decided for Ken to leave the flowerbeds for now until the matter is resolved.

The Chairman wished to have minuted that the Parish Council are aware of the difficult situation for Mr and Mrs Peter Kelk, as relatives of Kevro Property Services, and that they are considered as very valued members of the community.

13.7. Hazel’s bench update:

It was agreed to leave it until the end of May to see if the supplier’s plaque had been moved to a more suitable place on the bench as requested.


14. Councillors’ Reports:
14.1 Cllr. King reported that signs had appeared on the 30mph signs at the Royal Oak and at the Rough Common end of the village which warned pedestrians and cyclists of vehicles travelling at 80mph.  Cllr. Hutt will remove them.

14.2 Cllr. Dunster mentioned the potholes on Whitstable Road/Tyler Hill Road junction and the missing Canterbury sign. Both have been reported and are in the hands of KHS.

14.3 Cllr. Cole asked whether she can put a notice on the noticeboard making people aware of the campaign to Save Canterbury Hospice. Cllr. King will also put an article in the Gazette.


15. Correspondence (as previously circulated):

All correspondence and emails have been circulated to all members including:

1. Letter to Mr Peter Firmin – New Map

2. BVHMC – Permission to use Memorial Ground for fete and office for electricity

on 28th June

3. Clerks & Councils Direct May 2014

4. ‘No Place Like Home’ workshops – Ospringe, Faversham 20th May and 9th June

5. CPRE – Fieldwork

6. CPRE – Countryside Voice

7. Witness letter from resident in village

8. Email from Marie Lampkinn – Chapel Lane – Late June

9. The Proposed Redevelopment of the Herne Bay Golf Course

10. Kent Police & Crime Commissioner's Newsletter – April 2014

11. Parish News April 2014




Sheet 1709


16. Planning Applications (as previously circulated):

The following application had been received and circulated to all Cllrs. for comment.

1. CA/14/00818/FUL – Replace front boundary fence with a brick wall to match in with

the brick gate posts. – Blean House, 2 Whitstable Road CT2 9EA – no objection by BPC


16.1 Decision Notices:

1. Two-storey side and rear extension of dwelling and replacement of detached garage – 14 School Lane – GRANTED

2. Display of 2 no. internally illuminated fascia signs (retrospective application – Woodys Bar, University of Kent – GRANTED

3. Single-storey extension and addition of windows to rear elevation and porch to front of dwelling – Courtney Lodge, Chapel Lane – GRANTED


16.2 Tree Notices:

1. Felling a tree covered by TPO No 26, 1990 W1 – 3 Woodville – GRANTED

2. Cutting back of three ash trees subject of T.P.O. No. 26 of 1990 to previous pruning points – 121 Blean Common – GRANTED


17. Approval for invoice payments and signing of cheques:

Banking details for April 2014

Following the appraisal of Ken Waddington, as handyman, the previous Chairman, Cllr. Leetham, had proposed that Ken’s wages be increased from £7.00 per hour to £7.20 per hour. All agreed and thanked Ken for his work.


Chq. 002473 – Mr K Waddington – Handyman’s Wages April 2014 – £184.80          

Chq. 002474 – Mrs D Horswell – Clerks Salary April 2014 – £670.60       

Chq. 002475 – Mrs D Horswell – Petty Cash April 2014 – £83.42

Chq. 002476 – HMRC – PAYE & NIC Mar 2014 – £48.42

Chq. 002477 – K. T. Fire Protection Ltd – £46.80

Chq. 002478 – Barbara Flack – Daisy Plants for planters – £14.00

Chq. 002479 – sales@4picnictables.co.uk – Picnic Table  (£477.49 net) – £572.99

Chq. 002480 – Meadow Grange – Slabs and plants – £16.40         



Total paid out            £1637.43

Paid in                                


Credit No. 100219 – EDF Energy – RCB Refund – £1,274.97

Bacs – CCC – Capital Grant for play equipment – £3,000.00

Bacs – CCC – Concurrent payment 2014/2015 – £5,807.99

CCC – Precept 2014/2015 – £15,100.00


Total paid in              £ 25,182.96


Sheet 1710


Bank Statement as at 24th April 2014

Current Account – £2000

Business Reserve Account – £19,062.15

(Interest bearing account used to feed Current Account, when needed, to maintain a balance of £2000)


17.1 To accept and approve end of year accounts for Annual Return:

Accounts report and Internal Auditors report had been circulated to all Councillors for approval.

Proposed by Cllr. King, Seconded by Cllr. Flack, all Cllrs present AGREED.


17.2 To accept and approve Annual Governance Statement:

Proposed by Cllr. King, Seconded by Cllr. Flack, all Cllrs present AGREED.

Thanks were given to the clerk for her work on the accounts and for liaising with the new Internal Auditor.


Both sections of the Annual Return were signed by the Chairman and Clerk.


18 Any Other Business:

18.1 Cllr. Hutt suggested that a village map should be displayed at the Parish Council meetings so that problems in the village can be easily identified.

18.2 Cllr. Flack said that the Parish Council are aware of problems for residents concerning the large Londis lorries. It is hoped that the Parish Council can act as mediator.


Date of next meeting:

The date of the next meeting is 9th June at 7.30pm.



There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20pm..


Report from BVHMC to BPC meeting 12h May 2014 – Carol Sturgeon


A visit from the fire officer and a final signing off by CCC building inspector remains outstanding.

Groundwork levelling to external areas at rear of hall and grass seeding was undertaken was completed and the grass is growing.


Designation of disabled car parking places, on rear car park and front of hall is planned for June by marking out and yellow paint.


A new single users’ hall letting agreement has been adopted and can be accessed direct from the website or via the L.O. Guidance notes hard copies are retained in the hall for user information and use.  Regular users letting agreement is currently in draft form and will be issued to all regular groups when agreed and adopted by BVHMC.


New rent charges started on 1st April 2014.


Hall Liaison Officers will call a meeting for hall user reps and groups to meet with them to offer information about a new combination lock & number which will be used to encourage parking at the rear at the hall and the new hall letting agreement when ready.


We’re meeting with Invicta Catering on 20th May to discuss and plan the installation of the new range cooker/extractor system and additional work needed following the EHO’s visit and guidance; we hope to have the work completed in time for the June village fete.


The second Dementia Awareness lunch held last Saturday 10th May was another success with approx 45-50 known and new people joining in.  This will be a regular lunch event to meet the needs of the locality.  Sam – a Dementia Champion from Tyler Hill – has offered to organise a workshop in the hall on A Saturday morning ASAP to encourage people to become “dementia friends”.  The aim of this group will spread the message that Blean village and Tyler Hill is a dementia friendly place,   any little ways of help and support offered really makes a difference – it doesn’t cost anything to be a dementia friend. Posters and flyers with this message of support and information will be distributed to all households in the area.


Next lunch is Sat 21st June – new posters detail all monthly dates booked to 20th December – when we’ll cook a Christmas lunch. The volunteers offer a 3 course meal to all to eat as much of, or as little of, what they like.   This isn’t a fund raising or profit making event, the cost of the food only is met by personal donations and if/when this fund is depleted a small charge for the lunch will be made, according to people’s individual circumstances.


Canterbury Age UK is actively involved and Judy attended last Saturday to say hello, she shares the information with Herne Bay group, St Martin’s Hospital + Umbrella groups and other locally based and interested parties.


A separate weekday lunch club for others of all ability, needs and age in the village, is also on the agenda for the future, we truly appreciate the offers of help from other interest groups and volunteers to take the lead, cater for and organise them to benefit a wider range of people, when the cooker is installed.


Social events update:

April’s coffee morning was very well supported by all ages, lunches were served and the museum very popular with visitors. Profit was approx £300.00

Last Saturday’s Quiz night in the hall was very enjoyable with over 60 people competing with their little grey cells. Profit was £311.66 for hall funds.

Profits from fund raising are invested in the hall fabric.

Recent purchases include:

5 new Gopack tables for general use @ £90 each = £450.00 + VAT

Food probe, fridge thermometer, chopping boards and wall hung paper towel roll and dispenser for hand drying + equipment for kitchen following EHO visit.

New mops & buckets individually colour coded & designated for kitchen use, toilet use and general use.

Materials purchased for S&SEiB competition entry for hanging baskets and troughs.

Tap handles + for outside tap bought to supply the watering team + a watering can.

Shared cost commitment to the rain butts recently bought by BPC.  Steve Cook will assist in fixing the kit to the drainpipes when sites identified by BVHMC’s RP & HLO. Forwarded the request made that one butt is sited in front car park to assist the  watering of FOBC’s large and lovely flower containers and new flower bed.

Future investment from fund raising profits are committed to: an secure external tool shed for the Blooming Blean gardening team – a personal very generous donation of £50.00 pledged from BF and gratefully accepted towards the cost when bought.


Blean’s S&SEiB It’s my Neighbourhood entry collectively involves, Blean Pre-School, FOBC, BPC, Blean Village Hall (+ surrounds) and JGC.  The judge is coming on Weds 11th June for 1 hour. Much work has already been undertaken with more to do – the team meet again on Weds at mid-day to review and plan the work needed. The Blooming Blean entry (with the exception of the JGC) is listed on the FOBC open gardens map for visitors to view over the weekend of 14-15th June. Plans are progressing to make this particular area a dedicated and lovely inclusive Blean community project which is sustainable for the future.


Sunday 18th May Annual BBBR – 9.30am onwards start from the hall along the supervised long and short route – suitable for all abilities and ages.

Sat 31st May Coffee morning– with home-made cakes, freshly made lunches, museum open, books, children’s crafts as usual. BPC there too.

Sat 31st May Children’s disco in the hall– 7-11 yr olds. 7 – 9pm with DJ Mr O.

Sat 7th June Blean, Hackington & Tyler Hill Garage safari, maps available from hall from 7.30am.


Details of all community based social and fund raising events found on bleanvillagehall.co.uk website + flyers and posters for specific events will be circulated to households in the locality and via school book bags over next 10 days.


"A lock has been put on the pre-school garden gate as a result of an agenda item and discussion raised and agreed at last week's BVHMC meeting.


The reason for the lock is to permanently withdraw the invitation to the public to use the pre-school garden as a community garden (out of Pre-School sessions), as now.


If a child enters the open community garden and hurts themselves by playing on or falling off toys/equipment, BVHMC and/or Pre-School have public liability.

We understand that some people or larger children may jump the fence but we can't do anything about that, the invitation has been withdrawn and legally they're causing a trespass into a private area.


A more important reason for the lock on the gate is some dog owners are using this grassy space to exercise their dogs who foul the grass.


Faeces from un wormed dogs carries severe health risks to the little children, regardless of staff clearing up solids daily, when in session, an imperative  after weekends or holiday periods.


The Pre-School garden was subject to a BPC "community garden condition" when Pre-School first asked many years ago.  This no longer applies as all hall land (+garden) was included in and part of the BPC's transfer of land to Blean Village Hall's legal footprint, and Trustee's responsibility last year".



This concludes my report.  12th May 2014.

Chairman BVHMC