Complaints Policy


Handling Complaints –
The following is Blean Parish Council’s Code of Practice in Handling Complaints:

1. On receipt of a complaint concerning the procedures or administration of Blean Parish Council to either a Councillor or the Clerk and if it is not possible to deal fully satisfactorily with it, the complainant shall be asked to put the complaint in writing to the Clerk or the Chairman in order it can be further investigated. The complainant will be assured that it will be dealt with promptly.

2. On receipt of a written complaint the Clerk and the Chairman, shall try to settle the complaint directly with the complainant [with an independent mediator if appropriate ]. They will report to the next meeting of the Parish Council of any written complaint disposed of by direct action with the complainant. Copies of all letters received and issued in regard to the matter shall be provided for each council member.

3. The Clerk or Chairman shall take any written complaint that cannot be settled to the next meeting of the Council and the Clerk shall notify the complainant in writing of the date on which the complaint will be considered.

4. The Council will consider whether the circumstances involving the complaint warrant the matter being discussed in the absence of the press and public but any decision on a complaint shall be announced during the open session of the Council and a copy of that decision be posted on the council's official notice board.

5. Immediately after the decision has been made, this decision, and details of any action to be taken, shall be communicated in writing to the complainant.

6. If a Councillor, Officer or member of the public thinks that there may be reason to believe that another Councillor has breached the Code of Conduct the matter should be referred to Canterbury City Council’s Standards Committee.