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Denise Horswell
Parish Office
4 School Lane
Tel: 01227 470 200



Barbara Flack
Blean Parish Office
4 School Lane
Tel:01227 470 200

Any problems with vandalism or anti-social behaviour please email the  PCSO below: 

Day in the life of a PCSO

As a ward Police Community Support Officer that covers Blean, Harbledown and Rough Common Parish, my primary role is to be a highly visible and approachable representative for Kent Police within the local community. I have responsibility for 3 wards so I try to achieve this aim in all of those wards.

Each working day I will review any crime and anti-social behaviour that has been reported on my wards and I will aim to visit appropriate victims and be pro-active in providing reassurance and taking positive action on any issues that are happening or emerging.

I work in partnership with many other agencies to be as effective as possible in dealing with issues and these include housing providers, KCC wardens, social services, mental health workers, youth workers, the Local Authority, and Trading Standards.

This also gives me the opportunity to create valuable contacts within the community and gather valuable intelligence from them.

The demands in policing are very high and as part of the Kent Police organisation I also have to assist with dealing with appropriate calls, assisting with local enquiries regarding crime including CCTV and house to house enquiries. I have to help when needed with preservation of a crime scene, helping with road closure at traffic collisions, serving witness summons, and dealing with various other tasks.

Unfortunately this can take me away from my daily ward business on occasions but I will always try to be out and about on my wards as much as possible.

For non-urgent matters call Kent Police on 101

To report a problem regarding street lights, potholes, overgrown vegetation etc please click on the link below to KCC or phone 03000 418 181
Once reported, faults can be tracked by reference number, given at time of reporting, to see the status of the fault.

Welcome to the website of  Blean Parish Council.

  The Parish Council Office will be closed until further notice and the clerk will be working from home. Any queries please email 

The next meeting which was the Annual Parish Assembly due to be held on Monday 6th April has now been POSTPONED until further notice. 

We will update on any future Parish Council meetings as new advice is given by the Government.

Please keep checking this website for updates.

Although legislation has indicated that Parish Councils may hold virtual meetings, Blean Parish Council sees no reason to hold a meeting at this time, unless there is an emergency, as all Members are in contact by email and business is carrying on as normal. 

PCSO Monthly Report for Blean Forest Ward April 2020


Canterbury City Council – Waste Collections

As of Monday, residents are allowed to put out two extra black sacks of waste(household or garden) with our normal collection.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

You can keep up to date with the latest information on coronavirus on GOV.UK or visit NHS UK for advice and information.

Hello from Blean Parish Council

With the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus, we are facing very difficult times ahead, but we want to know that you do not have to face it alone. There is support for you if you are self-isolating at home. We are working all together, the Parish Council, Blean Church and Blean Village Hall Management Committee.

● Blean Shop will deliver groceries – 01227 459933 or email for more details

● If you would like to volunteer to be part of a group supporting others – maybe a friendly phone call to someone at home alone or delivering their shopping, helping to deliver leaflets with useful information etc then please contact one of these numbers: 

Jane – 07889 261296

Barbara 07719 268123 (leave a message)

Tamsin 07791 400367 (evenings & weekends)

● If you have access to the internet you will find useful up to date information on the Parish Council website at Blean Church at and also on Blean Forest Conservative Facebook page.

The most important thing is to stay safe and well. We are here to help each other. So please do get in touch if we can help in any way or if you would just like a friendly chat and we can start a ‘buddy call’ for you.

Thinking of you all during these unusual times – BARBARA







A 24 hour helpline has been set up to support vulnerable people in Kent who need urgent help, supplies or medication.

The helpline – called Kent Together – provides a single, convenient point of contact for anyone in the county who is in urgent need of help during the Coronavirus outbreak. It is a collaboration between KCC, central Government, District, Borough and local councils, the voluntary and community sector, the NHS, emergency services and other partners to ensure help is at hand for vulnerable people.

It is also the place to report your concerns about the welfare of someone else.

Kent County Council Leader Roger Gough said: “In every district and borough throughout Kent and Medway there has been an incredible and heartening response to this pandemic, and we have a huge army of remarkable, public-spirited volunteers who are ready and willing to help each other through these challenging times.

“We now need to make sure that these vital resources are directed to where they are most needed. The new central helpline will link to Community Hubs across the county and ensure that we are effectively working hand in hand with the amazing teams out in the heart of communities in every part of Kent.”

Kent Together is being coordinated by Kent County Council which will feed the information through the network of volunteers, district and borough council teams and local support groups, to ensure people get the support they need, when they need it.

People’s needs will be assessed and staff will liaise with Community Hubs in the districts to prioritise those who need urgent help.

Mr Gough added: “At this unprecedented time, we all need to support each other to cope with the changes to our lifestyles we’ve had to make in order to delay the spread of Covid-19.

 “I appreciate those radical changes have brought about difficulties and uncertainty and that we are all having to live our lives very differently.

 “I hope with the launch of this service we can help bring some sense of familiarity and comfort back to those who desperately need it.”

 If you are vulnerable and have an urgent need that cannot be met through existing support networks, you can contact the Kent Together helpline at  or by calling on 03000 41 92 92. It is a 24 hour service.

 Kent County Council also has a page on its website answering frequently-asked questions and the very latest Coronavirus information on its service updates page.

Visit to find out more.

Canterbury City Council: Update on coronavirus

Service disruptions

The following services are suspended:

  • garden waste collections
  • bulky waste collections
  • Wincheap boot fair
  • upgrading St George’s Street consultation

These venues are closed until further notice:

  • Canterbury museums and galleries
  • The King’s Hall
  • Tower house
  • all play areas

The council offices in Military Road are open for people with appointments only.

View the latest information and service updates at


The saga of the application for 87 houses on land adjacent to Blean Common has taken another twist! Last week Blean Parish Council along with Canterbury City Council received a letter from the Planning Inspectorate to inform us that the appeal was to be re-determined at a new inquiry.

This took us all by surprise and a few telephone calls and conversations later we found out why this was happening and what it meant to us all in Blean. Below we have written a timeline to help understand the journey of this application:

  • Early 2016 an application by Gladman for 87 houses which was refused by Canterbury City Council.
  • Late Summer 2016 Gladman lodged an appeal against the above decision.
  • Late 2016 a second application by Gladman for 75 houses was also refused by Canterbury City Council. Gladman decided to continue with the appeal on the first application.
  • In February 2018 a Planning Inquiry was held and subsequently found in favour of Gladmans. Canterbury City Council decided to appeal to the High Court against the decision of the Planning Inspector.
  • In April 2019 the appeal made by Canterbury City Council was heard at the High Court and Justice Dove’s decision was given in June in which he found in favour of Canterbury City Council and awarded costs to the Council.
  • Gladman Developments, following the High Court decision decided to make a further appeal to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court have made a decision that there are no grounds for appeal.
  • This now means that rather like a circle, we now come back to re-hearing the original appeal against the original application for 87 houses. Hence a re-determination of the appeal which will take place later this year, at present no date has been set.

What does that mean for Blean, it’s residents and the Parish Council?

Following discussions with our colleagues in the Planning Department of the City Council, Blean Parish Council are accepting the Planning Inspectorate’s invitation to resubmit our original arguments with regard to drainage and traffic. We will also be submitting (as a Rule 6 party) a further statement emphasising the changes that have taken place over the last 3 to 4 years within our area. The arguments of the case are based on interpretations of policies etc. which are the realm of the City Council to uphold and defend at the Inquiry. A request has been made by Gladman for an extension to the time-frame (which we have agreed to) allowing us until early May to prepare our statement.

Blean Parish Council, on behalf of residents, have submitted a new Statement of Case for the re-determination of the case.  Please click on the link below:

The Statement of Case is a legal document that the Parish Council was required to submit in order to maintain interest in the re-determination of the Appeal.

If any resident has any drainage or flooding issues that can be included in the case please email

Barbara Anne Flack

Chair of Blean Parish Council


Scam Alert Coronavirus phishing scams

For Waste Collection dates please click on the link below


Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) for the year ending 31 March 2019

TravelHero app

The parishes surrounding Canterbury, Faversham, Whitstable and Herne Bay have been selected as the first in the UK to pioneer a new free local transport app. The TravelHero app is designed to provide an easy-to-use tool to compare travel options in the local area for bus and cab journeys.

 Available to download now from the App Store on iOS smartphones, local people can use TravelHero to plan door-to-door journeys by bus or cab, buy tickets by card or PayPal, and enjoy hassle-free travel using mobile tickets. There’s also a dedicated website for information at and a Facebook and Twitter page @TravelHeroApp.

TravelHero has brought together well-known bus service provider Stagecoach South East and Kent cab company Longley’s Private Hire to make travel easier for customers in the region.

 TravelHero will particularly appeal to people travelling between towns and villages within East Kent, including students and young professionals and those who are occasional bus and cab users. Its features include:

  •  Sophisticated journey planning with easy input of planned start and end points. The app will then calculate and offer different journey options using bus and cab travel, as well as walking
  • Tailored routes for individual needs, which give a breakdown of the cheapest and fastest travel methods to best meet the user’s ideal journey
  • Secure cashless payments through TravelHero can be made using PayPal or debit or credit card, so there’s no need to have cash for the bus or cab
  • Convenient mobile ticketing, as there’s no need to print tickets because they appear on smartphones ready to show the driver
  • Easy group bookings for up to eight people on one mobile ticket, for one price
  • Hassle-free travel with time-saving features such as favourite places which will allow for quick journey planning
  • Trusted suppliers with journeys delivered by well-established travel providers Stagecoach South East and Longleys Private Hire
  • Stagecoach Bus link


An automatic public defibrillator is now available within the village of Blean. It is located on the wall of the village hall adjacent to the main entrance to the recreation ground. The defibrillator has been registered with the Ambulance Services and they will also be able to assist you if you need to use it. It is fully automatic and has spoken instructions which are simple to follow. At no time can anyone using it cause any harm to the ‘patient’ as the machine has built in failsafe steps.

Remember to always telephone 999 first.


The Parish Plan for 2015 – 2019 is now completed and printed.

Copies are available from the parish office on Tuesdays and Fridays and will be available at the monthly coffee mornings in the village hall or click on the link below to read on-line


Blean Speedwatch is up and running again!

But, we need more volunteers!

If you are interested and can spare a little time please contact the Parish Office on 01227 470200

Blean Parish Council

There has been a Government directive that all playgrounds and play parks should be closed.

As our play and exercise equipment is part of our open space and we want to allow people to use it as a quiet safe place to take a walk. We would ask you not to use any equipment.

This is part of the safety measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19 virus.



Initial Response from Blean Parish Council September 2016

This first response has been written after consultation with the Parish Councillors and attendance at two presentations held by the University of Kent. Blean Parish Council welcomes the publication of the Concept Master Plan, it has given an opportunity to enter into dialogue with the University and has ended speculation and rumours. At first sight the plan would appear to have severe implications to the village and the Tyler Hill Road, however at this point in the consultation we should be mindful that this is a conceptual plan – not a concrete indication of potential developments in our parish. The Northern Holdings [as named by the University] are, to a greater extent, agricultural in nature and reflect the rural aspect surrounding the village of Blean. Blean Parish Council have, and will continue, to strongly oppose, the building on and the loss of agricultural land in and around the village. The land provides a positive rural border between Tyler Hill village and Blean village. The area is served by a rural road, in places very narrow, named Tyler Hill Road. This road is not able to sustain any further traffic without causing danger to pedestrians, cyclists, farm vehicles and cars. This was illustrated recently with the Stagecoach bus diversion along the road, numerous skid marks, near misses and a considerable disruption to the quality of life for the residents of both villages took place. Blean Parish Council would strongly oppose any development that impacted on the traffic using the road. Due to the conceptual nature of the Master Plan there has been much speculation regarding wordings such as ‘Park and Ride’, ‘shuttle bus services’ and ‘utilising existing public roads’. All of these aspects if taken forward would have to be the subject of discussion with Blean Parish Council, Hackington Parish Council and Canterbury City Council. It should also be acknowledged that any move forward regarding development in this area would have to be accurately tested through Traffic and Transport Assessments, Ecological Impact Assessments, Sustainability Assessments etc. and further public consultations. To summarise, Blean Parish Council do strongly oppose any change in the usage of Tyler Hill Road from its present link between the villages and as a means of access to the agricultural land bordering its sides. We would strongly oppose any development in and around the historic building of St Cosmus and St Damian in the Blean Church. We would also be strongly opposed to any ‘carpet’ development along the boundaries of Tyler Hill Road. We would be strongly opposed to any development, be it building or transport links, that disrupted the ecological balance that exists at present. In conclusion, although the above outlines our potential opposition, Blean Parish Council would welcome the opportunity to continue in an open dialogue with the University of Kent regarding all proposals for the Northern Land Holdings. It is our hope that a balanced expansion of the University which would benefit the community of Blean and open up new opportunities for recreational, cultural, sport, economic and educational activities for all, can be achieved.